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Message from the Chief Representative


The Syrian issue cannot be cut out as one country's issue. The response to Syrian refugee's issue has deeply connected with development of neighboring countries, therefore I will fulfill the chief representative's duties with that in mind.

The current Syria is in civil warfare, and there are external and internal factors make Syria in chaos. Situations in which nearly 5 million refugees were displaced to neighboring countries such as Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon and eventually to Europe, and there seems to be differences in the thinking of each country in Europe concerning the treatment of refugees. In the Syrian crisis, the violent situation in Syria should be most concerned. On the other hand, producing negative by-products cannot be neglected, such as the bargaining among the great powers like the remnant of the Cold War era and the spread of the crisis through the outflow of refugees. I think that this situation can be called global crisis.

Under these circumstances, JICA has to contribute to improving the situation by making use of various approaches. Considering the international impact of the Syrian crisis, implementation of assistance based on the policies of the Japanese government and trends in the international community is important, and our JICA office is required to realize them well. On the other hand, only top down should not be respected. The voice of the site should be fed back to policy appropriately. If judgment is made based on a viewpoint far from the site, the discussion deviates from the originally target will occur. Therefore, we JICA always have to work for support to Syrian crisis while confirming that our support meets real needs for the people suffered from the crisis and our activity contributes to reconstruction in Syria.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Tsutomu Kobayashi
Chief Representative
JICA Syria Office


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