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May 17, 2018

Arrival of JISR participant's family in Japan

PhotoParticipants meeting their family members

The 19 participants under the "Japanese Initiative for the future of Syrian Refugees" who came to Japan in August 2017 passed their first winter in Japan and welcomed spring in each place. During spring break, some of the participants spent their time to put great efforts on research, and others concentrated more on studying Japanese language. In addition, there were 4 participants who finally received their families in Japan in March after half a year since they arrived in Japan.

On the day of their arrival, participants welcomed their families wearing formal suits with bouquets at the lobby of the airport.

They embraced each other at the arrival lobby with full of smile, and it showed their deep bonds. One participant hugged his family many times and he said, "My baby was born just before the time I left my country, so doesn't know me. I am really happy to be able to see my baby again and have my family in Japan. " Another participant said with joy and enthusiasm, "I am very glad to be able to meet my wife. I believe she likes Japan. I want to teach her Japanese that I learned here and also study it together."

After family's arrival in Japan, participants went through necessary procedures in each city office such as resident registration for the families. Although it was difficult for them to process on their own at the time they came to Japan, this time they were able to complete it with Japanese they learned so far.

19 JISR participants have started new semester in each place, and the participants who welcomed families will build new life in Japan from now.

(Fukuhara/Japan Association for Refugees (JAR))


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