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Activities in Tanzania

List of JICA's Cooperation in Tanzania

(July 2009)
T; Technical Cooperation, G; Grant Aid
D; Development Study, In; In-Country Training,


ProjectTypeAreaTanzania OrganizationPeriodTotal Cost (Mill. Yen)Brief
Formulation and Training of the DADP Guidelines on Irrigation Scheme DevelopmentTMorogoro, Kilimanjaro, Mbeya, MtwaraMinistry of Water and Irrigation2007.2- 2010.2 340Develop the technical guideline on irrigation scheme development and enhance capacities of irrigation staff. Resources for irrigation development are expected to be from DADP (ASDP).
Supporting Delivery Systems of Irrigated AgricultureTWhole CountryMinistry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives2007.6- 2012.6 560Extend the irrigated rice cultivation techniques to the whole country through the trainings for core farmers at KATC and 3 MATIs. NERICA trial production is also being promoted.
Capacity Development for the ASDP Monitoring and Evaluation SystemsTDar, Morogoro, Dodoma- Ditto -2008.3- 2011.3 330Assist to establish Agriculture Routine Data System in collaboration with RADAG. This project also provides wide range of assistance for the implementation of ASDP
Strengthening the Backstopping Capacities for the DADP Planning and ImplementationTWhole Country- Ditto -2009.3-2012.3230DADP puts importance on activities at local level. 75% of ASDP budget is disbursed to districts based on DADPs. This T/A aims to strengthen planning and implementation capacity on DADP.
ASDP Basket Fund N.A.- Ditto -2007.8- 2008.9325Disbursement to the ASDP basket fund. WB, IFAD, Irish Aid and AfDB also disburse to the ASDP basket fund.


The Project for Zanzibar Urban Water Supply DevelopmentGZanzibarMinistry of Water, Construction, Energy and Land2007.1- 2008.3/ 2009.3- 2010.3 1,230 (1st Phase)Construct well, reservoir, transmission and distribution pipe, and implement technical assistance for operation and maintenance of water-supply facilities in the urban area of Zanzibar.
Enhancement of Water Supply Management of Zanzibar Water AuthorityTZanzibar- Ditto -2008.1- 2011.1 304Establish the system of collecting water tariff in ZAWA by developing customer management system and fee structure.
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Capacity Development ProjectTDar, Coast, Lindi, MtwaraMinistry of Water and Irrigation2007.9- 2010.9 350Develop the rural water supply and sanitation system in the target district by establishing MoWI's training system to the staff of region and district, and strengthening support to district from basin water office and region.
Water Supply Development around the Metropolitan AreaGCoast, Dar- Ditto -2008.4- 2010.3 818Construct kiosk and well with hand-pump, and implement technical assistance for operation and maintenance of water-supply facilities in the Coast Region and Dar es Salaam Region.


Capacity Strengthening on Labour Based TechnologyTMbeyaATTI2005.10- 2010.3 256Support for the Capacity Development in Training Institute for LBT. Key components are 1)Development of ATTI Training Strategy, 2)Development of Training curriculum and materials, 3) Training of Trainers, and 4) Technical training in the field.
The Project for Widening of Kilwa RoadGDar es SalaamTANROADS2006.5- 2009.7 2,497Road Construction Project in Kilwa Road. The total length is 11.5km and will be expanded from single carriageway to dual carriageway.
Arusha-Namanga-Athi River Road Development ProjectLoanArushaTANROADS2007.5- 2010.12 6,857Upgrading of Arusha-Namanga-Athi River Road. It contributes the facilitation of the transport network between Kenya and Tanzania. The project is done in co finance with AfDB, and Japan support the component in Tanzanian side.
Upgrading Masasi-Mangaka RoadGMasasiTANROADS2007.5- 2011.3 2,450Road Construction Project in Mtwara Road Development Corridor. The project site will be between Masasi and Mangakka. The total length is 51.5km and will be paved.


Project for Reinforcement of Transmission and Distribution Facilities in Oysterbay SubstationGDar es SalaamTANESCO2007.12-2010.91,870Construction of Major Network in Dar es Salaam, Main components are 1) Construction of Transmission line from Ubungo to New Oysterbay Substation, 2) Construction of New Oysterbay Sub station, and 3) Procurement of Transformers


Poverty Monitoring Management AdviserExpertDar es SalaamNational Bureau of Statistics2007.9- 2009.9 40Support National Bureau of Statistics to strengthen its capacity in routine data collection and statistical data management in order NBS to provide basis for poverty monitoring.
Capacity Development for Local Government TrainingTDodomaPrime Minister's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government 2008.05- 2010.12150Support PMO-RALG to develop the Local Government Training Strategy and to its implementation by strengthening capacity of lead training institute of LGA trainings.
PFMRP Basket Fund N.A.Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs2008.7- 2009.6 50Basket Fund for PFMRP(Public Financial Management Reform Programme).
LGDG Basket Fund N.A.Prime Minister's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government2008.7- 2009.6100Provision of basket fund to discretionary intergovernmental transfer system called Government Development Grant (LGDG) system whereby supporting Local Government Authorities to increase their autonomy in expenditure.
Poverty Monitoring Basket Fund N.A.Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs2008.7- 2009.6155Provision of basket fund to monitor implementation process of Poverty Reduction Strategy 2(Mukukuta). The fund is used for statistical surveys, IEC activities and so on.


Human Resource for Health Planning AdvisorExpertDar es SalaamMinistry of Health2008.11- 2010.1180Provide MOHSW with policy advice on implementation of Human Resources for Health Strategic Plan 2 and total quality management by employing 5S approach for sustaining productive work force.
Institutional Capacity Strengthening for HIV Prevention Focusing on STIS and VCT ServicesTDar es SalaamMinistry of Health(National AIDS Control Programme)2006.3- 2010.3 370Support National AIDS Control Programme, MOHSW for quality improvement of VCT/STI services by standardizing respective systems
Project for HIV/AIDS ControlGWhole CountryMinistry of Health and Welfare2009.2- 2012.3 550Provide MOHSW with commodities such as HIV test kits and STI drugs to prevent HIV/AIDS infection.
Capacity Development for Regional Referral Health ManagementTDar es SalaamMinistry of Health and Welfare2008.4- 2011.4 350Support MOHSW and PMO-RALG to strengthen enabling environmental for regional health management teams to perform their roles and develop RHMT's managerial capacity through trainings.

Private Sector

Industrial Development Advisor (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Marketing) ExpertDar es SalaamMinistry of Industry, Trade and Marketing2008.1- 2010.150Advisory service for Industrial Development in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Marketing

Regional Development

African Institute for Capacity Development Phase3TWide AreaMinistry of Communication, Science and Technology2007.9- 2012.6 300Implement projects in the field of three areas as Research & Development, Training & Extension, and Information Network & Documentation in Kenya,Uganda,and Tanzania.

General Budget Support

General Budget SupportLoanN.A.Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs2008.7- 2009.62,000Yen Loan


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