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Topics & Events

December 2010

JOCV Members of Computer Sub-Committee make Leaflets to educate PC users

In recent years, the Internet has spread quickly with the development of cellular phones, and cyber crime is now emerging.

Although it is the Internet which can contribute to economic development, there is a negative function in the Internet which causes problems in many countries.

Moreover, the Internet society with diversity and anonymity is recognized with the principle of user's self-responsibility. Choosing information and providing contents are left to user's own responsibility.

The principle has not yet being fully understood by the Internet users in Tanzania.

In such a background, we have made two kinds of leaflets; "information security" and "Internet morals", for the purpose of prevention of cyber crime, and the development of the Internet.

Although these leaflets are in single sheets of paper, we believe that their contents can help PC users to know what "information security" and "Internet morals" are. They also tell what the users should act on.

The Internet is an extremely useful tool in our life.

I am hoping that you use it well paying attention to Internet security and morals. The leaflets will help you as a good reference.

(Mr. Taichi YAMADA, JOCV for Computer Technology in Masasi)


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