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February 16, 2011

JICA Press Tour to Mbeya: Project for Capacity Strengthening on Labour Based Technology at ATTI (February 14-16, 2011)

Residents in Ilolo who conducted road works talking about benefits from the better road

Accompanied by JICA Tanzania officials, a group of local media members made an observation tour of Japanese technical cooperation activities on Labour Based Technology (LBT) at the Appropriate Technology Training Institute (ATTI) in Mbeya Region, South Western Tanzania.

The ATTI, which is a Governmental agency started its activities in 1993 with the purpose of improving LBT. In 2006 JICA started supporting the Institute by strengthening the capability and promotion of human resources training through various groups such as contractors, consultants, community groups, engineers and technicians.

To apply the knowledge taught at the Institute, the ATTI conducted a pilot road construction project in Mbozi and Rungwe districts, using the LBT approach. This approach was used in the construction of Ilolo-Iyula, Ibungu and Ipagika roads which were hitherto impassable especially during the rain seasons. However after the construction of these roads, residents of those areas confirmed through the interviews that the roads are now passable and they can now transport their agricultural products to the markets, and also people are motivated to invest along the roads.

Ibungu road constructed by villagers' voluntary labours

Tea leaves collection point at the side of the Ibungu road. Small scale farmers bring their products here, and the tea company comes to pick by car.

In addition to these outcomes the residents said that the LBT provided jobs and skills to them in areas where the projects were implemented and also social services were improved. Moreover considering the hard economic situation prevailing in the country it has been observed that the LBT approach has been proved to be the proper way to construct good, cheaper and durable roads in rural areas.

After the tour, the media group published articles in the news papers and made broadcasts on television station. Through such articles the larger public got to know more about JICA’s cooperation activities in the promotion of Labour Based Technology in the country.

Media Reports:
Nipashe 25th February, 2011 (JPEG/1,160KB)


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