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March 29, 2011

16 Volunteers Arrived Tanzania from Japan

On 29th March 2011, 16 youth volunteers arrived at the country from Japan where a big natural disaster has hit recently.
Among them, 5 members are going to teach automobile maintenance at vocational institutes such as Vocational Education and Training Authorities (VETA) in Dodoma and Mikumi, Folk Development Colleges (FDC) in Njombe and Mtwara, and National Institute of Transportation (NIT) in Dar es Salaam.
Other 7 people will work in Zanzibar as specialists of computer technology, hydro engineering, landscape architecture, surveying, cooking, physical education and physical therapy.
Others are going to work as a science and mathematic teacher in Ndanda, and as a business administrator in Mtwara, and as a landscape architect in Tanga, and as a pharmacist in Dar es Salaam.

One of the newly arrived JOCV, Mr. Yuji Yachidate, came to Tanzania after witnessing his hometown in Iwate Prefecture, the northern part of Japan, was destroyed by Tsunami. "I was shocked by the news of earthquake in my hometown which I got during my pre-assignment training. I couldn’t contact with my parents by phone, so I decided to go back home immediately after the earthquake. Fortunately, I found my parents are safe, but the town where I spent my early childhood was destroyed completely by Tsunami. In this very hard time, my parents, relatives and friends encouraged me to keep and implement my decision of working in Tanzania which I had been having before, and I came here now!" Mr. Yachidate, who has 13-year experience as an automobile engineer, is going to teach at FDC Mtwara.

Other newly arrived JOCVs, Ms. Ai Fujita and Ms. Maki Hasegawa are landscape architects. Ms. Fujita, who has 9 years of work experience as an architect for indoor gardens, says; "I heard that my working place, Tanga, is a beautiful city. I will be glad to contribute to the improvement of the city further using its beauty."
Ms. Hasegawa, who has been a supervisor of the construction sites of public gardens for 5 years before her arrival, showed her passion for learning Kiswahili for her work in Zanzibar.

Currently, 76 JOCV members are in the country. Since the beginning of this programme in Tanzania in 1966, a total of 1361 Japanese volunteers have been dispatched to the country.


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