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June 22, 2011

JICA's Volunteers finish their assignment in Tanzania


Japanese volunteers (Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) of JICA who have completed their two-year assignment period left the country on 22 June, 2011.

Before leaving the county, these 5 (Five) members paid a courtesy call on the Permanent Secretary, President's Office - Public Service Management (PO-PSM) on 16th June, 2011.

The five JOCV members worked for two years in different places as follows,

  • Ms. Sayaka HOSOYAMADA: Science and Mathematics Education: Ngudu Secondary School, Mwanza
  • Ms. Yumi KOYAMA: Environmental Education: Masasi District Council, Mtwara
  • Ms. Noriko KOMATSU: Nursing: Nachingwea District Hospital, Lindi
  • Ms. Norie SASAKI: Early Child Education: Mbeya City Council, Mbeya
  • Mr. Hayato WATANABE: Automobile Maintenance: Songea Vocational Training Center (VETA), Ruvuma

At PO-PSM, each of the volunteers gave a small presentation on his/her activities, and Mr. Gerge Yambeshi, the Permanent Secretary of PO-PSM listened their reports and thanked for their efforts during their assignments. Some members of Tanzania media were also observe the courtecy call and made reports on their activities in various media.

Details of these volunteers;
Ms. Sayaka HOSOYAMADA was a mathematics teacher at Ngudu Secondary School in Mwanza. She taught mathematics at O-level and A-level aiming to improve students' performance and their will to study. Actually the average points of school tests increased from 9 to over 50 in this two-year period. She involved herself with issue of school management, and contributed to in supporting other teachers at the school.

Ms. Yumi KOYAMA worked for environmental education at Masasi District Council in Mtwara. She did environmental education lessons programme at primary and secondary schools with a slogan; "to protect our environment is to protect our life". In this programme, she taught students on the relations between environment and us, what safety water is, kinds of garbage and how to through them away. She wishes that children who enjoyed to attend her classes and learned on the environment will make some changes, however small, to the future life in Tanzania.


Ms. Noriko KOMATSU was a nurse at Nachingwea District Hospital in Lindi. She often visited dispensaries in villages in Nachingwea, and tried to educate mothers on how to take care of sick children. She introduced 5S KAIZEN-TQM principles to the hospital and contributed to maintain safety and cleanliness of the site of treatment for good conditions of patients at hospital.

Ms. Norie SASAKI worked for early childhood education at Mbeya Municipal Council. She worked with nursery and kindergarten teachers and insisted on the importance of early childhood education. She extended to teachers the practice of playing together with children, thereby raising a deep sense of creativity and invention in children.

Mr. Hayato WATANABE was an automobile teacher at Songea Vocational Training Center (VETA). He aimed at the improvement of originality and creativity of students. After two years of his assignment, some changes in both students and lecturers are seen, such as the improvement of student's technical capabilities in practical works and automobile-maintenance technical knowledge. On the side of his counterpart, improvement of automobile-maintenance technical knowledge, the safety consciousness in practical works and an understanding of the importance of preventive maintenance was seen.


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