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Topics & Events

April 12, 2011

Launching of the New Water Project: to enhance DDCA's capacity to support the water well drilling industry

PhotoDr. Hata, Project Chief Advisor, and Mr. Mgaiwa, Project Manager, present project outline

JICA Tanzania has just started new Technical Cooperation Project "Groundwater Development and Management Capacity Development Project in Tanzania" with Ministry of Water (MoW) and Drilling and Dam Construction Agency (DDCA) from the end of March 2012. Its Opening Ceremony was held to officially launch the Project on 12 April, 2012 at Ministry of Water.

Guest of Honor for the Opening Ceremony was Mr. Christopher Sayi, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water. Mr. Lister Kongola, the Director of Water Resources Division, and Mr. Mgaiwa, the Chief Executive Officer of the DDCA, as well as Mr. Yukihide Katsuta, the Chief Representative of JICA Tanzania Office, and JICA expert team of the Project attended the Ceremony.

In the Development Vision 2025, the Government of Tanzania has set a goal that by 2025 the rural water supply coverage rate will become 90%. And it has also been mentioned that within the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (RWSSP) of the Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP), groundwater will make up 91% of water sources for the rural water supply. Therefore, large scale groundwater development will be essential in Tanzania; however, the capacity for groundwater development, in both DDCA and the private sector, has not attained the level of drilling around 2,000 wells per year, as estimated in the WSDP/RWSSP and Water Sector Status Report 2011.

Based on the above situation, the Government of Tanzania wishes to enhance the capacity of the private sector through equipment hiring and technical support via the DDCA, which is a new role of the DDCA.

The Project will support to enhance the activities of the DDCA and especially those of its new role of imparting techniques and hiring out equipment to the private sector. It is expected that the Project can contribute to improve the rural water supply situation and achieve the goal envisaged in the Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Sayi, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Water, told that the goal of Development Vision 2025 cannot be achieved without private sector's work. He showed his expectation to enhancement of capacity of DDCA through this technical cooperation. Mr. Katsuta, JICA Tanzania Chief Representative, wished the project initiated by the Government of Tanzania will make to achieve this goal.

PhotoMr. Sayi, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Water, and Mr. Katsuta, JICA Tanzaia Chief Representative, together with project team members


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