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January 17, 2014

Japan Launches Another Assistance: The Project for Reinforcement of Power Distribution in Dar es Salaam and The Project for Widening of New Bagamoyo Road

On 17th January, 2014, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania signed a Grant Agreement (G/A) for two projects: "The Project for Reinforcement of Power Distribution in Dar es Salaam" and "The Project for Widening of New Bagamoyo Road".

[The Project for Widening of New Bagamoyo Road] (Ceiling Amount 5,095 million yen)

Dar es Salaam, is the biggest city of Tanzania and is the centre of the economy, distribution of goods and transport. It has a population of 4.4 million and is a a strategic point of all transport modes such as road, railway, airport and port. However, because of the rapid increase in the number of vehicles coupled with unplanned urban development along the urban trunk roads the city is now engulfed in , heavy traffic congestion.

To address this challenge the project commenced in May 2010 by widening and upgrading of a stretch of new Bagamoyo road between Tegeta and Mwenge (12.9 km). The stretch will also be upgraded into a four lane dual carriageway from the present single lane. The project is now coming to 90% achievement and is expected to be completed and handed over in May 2014. Moreover, as decongestion in Dar es Salaam is among Japan's top priority area of cooperation since the construction of the Selandar Bridge in the early ‘80s, JICA is willing to continuously render its support in the improvement of urban transport of the city in such projects as the TAZARA intersection, Gerezani Road Widening and so on.

The G/A was signed after the Government of Japan decided to expand the total amount of grant up to five billion and ninety five million Japanese Yen (JPY 5,095,000,000), approximately seventy seven billion, eight hundred and sixty one million Tanzanian Shillings (Tsh 77,861,000,000 *rate:10th Jan 2014).

[The Project for Reinforcement of Power Distribution in Dar es Salaam] (Detailed Design, Ceiling Amount 32 million yen)

Stable supply of electricity and development of energy resources are an important foundation of economic growth for Tanzania where the economic growth rate has achieved approximately 7% per year since 2000. The increasing power demand in Dar es Salaam goes beyond the supply capacity of existing transmission and distribution system because of worn outtransmission and distribution equipment and shortage of maintenance equipment. The equipment is currently being in its terminal condition far exceeding the supply capacity. The huge amount of power loss has been a matter of grave concern to the management of Tanzania Electronic Supply Company (TANESCO), the sole power utility company in Tanzania.

The project consists of the following components:

1. The construction of three new substations (Muhimbili, Mwananyamala and Jangwani Beach) and the construction of approximately 17.2 km 33kV distribution line between the existing substations and the three new substations

2. The reinforcement of Ilala and Msasani substations and the reinforcement of the existing 7.5km 132kV transmission line between Ubungo substation and Ilala substation.

By implementing these components, the project will greatly contribute to improving stability of the power supply in Dar es Salaam city, which will lead to further development of economic activities and improvement of social services such as schools and hospitals. Within three years after the completion of the project, it is expected that 47 thousand households will be electrified, the power loss rate improved from 15.65% to 11.95% in Dar es Salaam region. According to the grant agreement the detailed design survey mainly targeting the above sites will be implemented.

PhotoSigning ceremony (Left: Dr. Servacius Likwelile, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance / Right: Mr. Yasunori Onishi, Chief Representative, JICA Tanzania)

PhotoIlala substation, targeted site of the Project for Reinforcement of Power Distribution in Dar es Salaam

PhotoLocation of Trunk Roads in Dar es Salaam (blue) and section of the Project for Widening of New Bagamoyo Road (red)

PhotoWorking site at constructing bridges on the Project for Widening of New Bagamoyo Road


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