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October 1, 2014

[The Project for Widening of New Bagamoyo Road] completed

On 1st of October, 2014 the official opening ceremony for New Bagamoyo Road (Mwenge-Tegeta Section) was conducted with honorable guests, the President of Tanzania Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Mr. Mussa Iyombe, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Works, Eng. Patrick Mfugale, Chief Executive Officer of Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), and from Japanese Side, Mr. Masaki OKADA, Ambassador of Japan, and Mr. Yasunori ONISHI, Chief Representative, JICA Tanzania, in attendance


The JICA Grant-aid project, Widening of New Bagamoyo road, had been planned and implemented aiming at alleviation of severe traffic congestion by widening and upgrading the 12.9 km section (Mwenge - Tegeta) from 2- to 4-lane. In addition to upgrading the road pavements, the drainage system was also improved by properly managing storm water to ensure smooth traffic flow even during the rain seasons.


PhotoLugalo Bridge before the project

After the completion of the project, it is estimated that positive results would be observed as follows: average travel speed at the section will be increased from 6.5km/hour at the designing stage (2009) to 42km/hour, and more than double of the improvement of traffic capacity of the section from 825 vehicles per hour per lane to 1,740 vehicles per hour per lane. These expected results mean that this project could provide a reduction of 100 minutes to pass through this section, from 2 hours (before) to 20 minutes (after).

During the process of project implementation, it was not always easy and smooth. Unexpected amount of unsuitable soil conditions emerged and these had to be replaced. Moreover extraordinary big rainfall fell during the construction affecting the construction site and destroying uncompleted structures, which had to be reconstructed again. However these challenges were finally resolved through constant consultations and cooperation among all the stakeholders namely TANROADS, contractor KONOIKE Construction Company Ltd., consultant Ingerosec Corporation, and both governments.

Additionally, in order to further mitigate Dar es Salaam severe traffic congestion, JICA will support the Gerezani road widening project and Tazara flyover project. Moreover the outline survey for New Bagamoyo Road (Morocco - Mwenge section) is ongoing.

JICA also extends support for urban transport by technical cooperation in order to enhance capacity of transport planning and implementation of related stakeholders such as Dar es Salaam City Council, Dar es Salaam Region, and so forth.

PhotoLugalo Bridge after construction with flags of two countries



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