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Topics & Events

January 10, 2015

New Bridge Bonds Tanzania and Rwanda further
Grant Aid Project for Rusumo International Bridge and OSBP Construction

On 10th January, 2015 the Completion Ceremony for the Project for Rusumo International Bridge and One Stop Border Post Construction Facilities (OSBP) was conducted at Rusumo, the border area between Tanzania and Rwanda.

The project aims at reducing transport cost of the Central Corridor (which is the main transport corridor which connects Dar es Salaam Port with landlocked countries, such as Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Through the project, trade and investment in the Region will be expanded.

Present at the ceremony were Mr. John MONGELLA , Regional Commissioner of Kagera Region from Government of Tanzania and Hon. Mr. James MUSONI, Minister of Infrastructure from Government of Rwanda. From the Government of Japan were Hon. Mr. OGAWA Kazuya, Ambassador of Japan in Rwanda, Dr. Akihiko TANAKA, President of JICA, Mr. Moriya- Chief Representative JICA Rwanda, Mr. Yasunori ONISHI- Chief Representative JICA Tanzania. The ceremony was also graced by the attendance of residents living around the area. More than 400 participants attended the ceremony.

Following the completion of the project, it is expected that there will be faster and safer movements through the border thus enhancing the economic development of Tanzania. Moreover the completion of the project will enhance the contribution of the competitiveness of the Central Corridor compared to the Northern Corridor which connects Mombasa Port with destinations in Kenya, Uganda and beyond.

OSBP is one of the custom administration operation systems which aims at integrating custom procedures of bordering countries thereby enhancing the efficiency of such operations. It also aims at promoting trade by shortening dwelling time at the borders by reducing administrative procedures from two procedures to one. Since the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) which was held in 2008, Government of Japan has officially committed itself to supporting OSBP operations. JICA is currently supporting two facilities constructed in Namanga on the border between Tanzania and Kenya, as well as in Rusumo, on the border between Tanzania and Rwanda.

To realize efficient administration and smooth operations of OSBP, it is necessary to set up a new law and establish manuals and guidelines. In this regard JICA is also supporting the East African Community (EAC) to formulate an OSBP act and regulations, by dispatching a long-term expert as a Regional Infrastructure Development Advisor. On the other hand, JICA extends support to establish the operational manual and guidelines for Namanga and Rusumo OSBPs through The Project on Capacity Development for International Trade Facilitation in the East African Region.

PhotoTape Cut at the ceremony (Dr. Tanaka, President of JICA and Mr. John Mongella, Regional Commissioner for Kagera Region)

PhotoObservation of the new bridge

PhotoOSBP Facilities on Tanzania side

PhotoPanel for the Grant Aid showing friendship of the three countries


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