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Topics & Events

April 30, 2015

Press Conference by Deputy Permanent Secretary PMO-RALG Mr. Kagyabukama Edwin Kiliba

PhotoMr. Kiliba, DPS, PMO-RALG

Mr. KAGYABUKAMA Edwin Kiliba the Deputy Permanent Secretary PMO-RALG attended a 6-week Local Government Reform Training Programme in Osaka –Japan, organized by JICA from 11th March to 28th May, 2015. With him, 6 Regional Administrative Secretaries, 3 PMO-RALG officials and 10 Council Directors attended the training. On their return, Mr. Kiliba addressed the public at the press conference held on 30th April 2015, giving his observations and lessons learned on Japanese experiences of decentralization reforms and local economic development.

According to Mr. Kiliba, during the training in Japan participants learned on;

  • Japan's experience of nation building and decentralization since Meiji Era and after World War II which was characterized by slow but steady process, taking more than 110 years of try and error, learning from other countries but focusing on developing its own reform model.
  • The actual situation and the working system of Japanese local governments, long life employment without transfers, late promotions after 20 years of service, effective taxation, revenue collection systems, and enough allocation of budget to LGAs, citizen participation in development planning and collaboration between LGAs and Private sector in effective service provision.
  • Local government support to small and medium scale industries in building Japan's economy, good collaboration of LGA and community, support and promotion of community initiatives for the cases of Minamata and Oita in reaching the common goal of local economic development.

Mr. Kiliba pointed out clearly that alongside the training programme, participants learned that Japan's development has been highly contributed by the hard working culture of Japanese people, proper time management, love to their country (patriotism) and law enforcement. He highly commended on Japanese people's respect and support to foreigners, responsibility & commitment to environmental cleanliness and restoration of their culture. He strongly mentioned that as leaders, every participant will pick up relevant and suitable lessons according to their environment to practice to their working stations.

Again, participants will share the lessons learned during Regional workshops expected to be conducted between May and July 2015 to expand the knowledge gained.

PhotoParticipants listening to community development in Minamata

Photo23 Media personnel attending the conference


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