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June 30, 2017

TRA and JICA signed a project agreement on a new technical cooperation project to enhance tax administration

In a move to boost revenue collection, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) supports Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) through a new technical cooperation project with a view of enhancing domestic revenue mobilization towards successful implementation of the Second National Five Year Development Plan (FY2016/17 to FY2020/21). TRA being the key player in the domestic revenue mobilization efforts is at the forefront in enhancing capacity of tax administration by developing skills and capabilities of its staff. In order to achieve this objective, TRA is partnering with JICA in form of technical assistance to build the capacity of personnel at various levels in TRA with the support from taxation experts of JICA.

From 2012 to 2016, TRA and JICA implemented the first project and enhanced the capacity of the Institute of Tax Administration (ITA) including the revision of Taxation Basic Course and the development of Taxation Advanced Course, Electronic Accounting System course, International Taxation Course and Sector-based Workshop on Extractive Industry. In this first project, TRA has trained 390 tax officers (as of April 2016) with the support from JICA and the National Tax Agency of Japan.

Based on these achievements, TRA and JICA had a series of mutual consultations and designed the successor project in November 2016. After this designing work, on 29th June 2017, Mr. Charles E. Kichere, Commissioner General of TRA and Mr. Toshio Nagase, Chief Representative of JICA Tanzania, signed the Record of Discussion (R/D) toward the commencement the Project.

The project aims at filling the skills gap of tax officers to enhance the Institutional Capacity of TRA and it consists of three main activities: (1) To refine and improve training programs offered by the Institute of Tax Administration, (2) To assist TRA's effort to develop the system of On-the-Job Training, and (3) To further elaborate the framework for career development. These activities interrelate mutually and will form the basis for personnel development to achieve Continual Improvement to increase domestic revenue.

The Project is expected to commence in August or September 2017 for a consecutive period of three years.


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