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Message from the Chief Representative

Turkey is an emerging country, with effective geological location, which is enlarging its presence through stable economic development.

Turkey possesses big economic expectations with its large population of more than 70 million which is keeping stable growth and also consisting of high percentage of younger generation. As a matter of fact, more than 100 Japanese private companies, which are placed in Turkey, show the increasing economic expectations. In addition, Turkey takes a role as one of the member countries of G20, which consists of G8, EU, and 11 emerging countries. Therefore, Turkey is extending its economic influence in the global economy and Turkey is expected to play a bigger role as one of the important emerging donors in the international society.

On the other hand, apart from its big economic influence, Turkey is located at the connecting point of 4 regions, namely, East and Central Asia, Caucasus, Middle East, and Europe. Turkey has a political influence on these regions with its policy that keeps balances between neighboring regions.

We cannot forget to mention on the strong historical relationship between Turkey and Japan. The year 2010 marked the 120th anniversary of its friendship between Japan and Turkey, which started by the occasion of journey of Turkish navy ship Ertugrul to Japan and its distress occurred off the coast of Japan. In 1985, during the Iran-Iraq war, Turkish government dispatched Turkish plane to rescue 200 Japanese citizens left helpless in Iran. Upon the occasion of Marmara earthquake occurred in 1999, Japanese government has dispatched emergency disaster relief team to Turkey, which courtesy was returned by the Turkish Government at the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in March 2011, through dispatching emergency rescue team and displaying national flags at a half-staff.

With these facts in mind, JICA is considering Turkey as an important partner for achieving the world development. JICA is willing to cooperate with Turkey to contribute to the development and stabilization of international society.

Mayumi ENDOH
Chief Representative
JICA Turkey Office


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