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Topics & Events

February 8, 2014

The "Success Story" seminar series was held by JICA Alumni Association

The third session of "Success Story" seminar series which was started in 2013 by JICA Alumni to underline the success of JICA training programs in Turkey was held at Turkish Japanese Foundation on February 8, 2014 in Ankara. In the seminar titled "Women's Role in Rural Development", two ex-participants who attended training in Japan on the same subject, made presentations and explained the subject in details.

Agriculture engineer Ms. Saliha Akbaş (in charge of DOKAP – TARIM project, General directorate of Agrarian Reform, Ministry of Food, agriculture and Livestock) made a presentation on the role of women in rural development in Eastern Black Sea Region. She gave examples about the outcomes of the Young Leaders training on rural women which was held 2010 and 2011 in Japan with the participation of female farmers. After the training, some women farmers made good examples within the context of the training such as packaging and marketing of the local products which they had produced.

The other participant Ms. Sezen Genç (İpekyolu Development Agency, Planning, Programming and Coordination Department Head) made a presentation on the improvement of rural women's life level in Northeast Anatolia. She explained the structure of the rural women in terms of family, education level aspects and others. She also mentioned about Japanese system to foster rural development. She explained the suitable applications about rural development which can be applied in the region. The experiences and advices were shared among the participants with question and answers.

The fourth session of the series of Success Stories titled "Experiences gained from JICA Trainings" which will be focusing on "Disaster" and "Japan's Urban Development" will be held in Ankara at Turkish Japanese Foundation on March 8, 2014.

PhotoSaliha AKBAŞ, General directorate of Soil Reform, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

PhotoSezen GENÇ (İpekyolu Development Agency, Planning, Programming and Coordination Department Head)


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