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September 30, 2014

500 Afghan Police successfully completed half-year Training programme


The graduation ceremony for the 4th Term of Afghan National Police (ANP) Training and Capacity Enhancement" was held on Sept.30 in Sivas Police Training Center. In the congratulatory speech, our Chief Representative, Ms. Mayumi ENDOH thanked Turke y for its great contribution to organize this project and expressed her respect for Turkey's long-term commitment to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. She also emphasized that this training must have been a good opportunity for all the Afghan trainees who are expected to play a crucial role in Afghanistan's security and future development.

Afghan National Police (ANP) Training and Capacity Enhancement was held from April to September this year. Judo was one of the lessons in the curriculum and held from June to August. six Japanese Judo experts who are also policemen were dispatched to Sivas by JICA to teach technical Judo skills and philosophy to 500 Afghan police students.

Some Afghan students said that through the Judo training, they've learned not only the way of self-protection but also how to respect people and treat people with dignity and consideration to other people. The Japanese Judo trainers also told us that they had learned a lot from Afghan students such as Afghan culture, Islamic way of life and thinking and manner. The lesson was also worthwhile to the Japanese Judo trainers.

The other training for female Afghan police will start from this November. 200 female police are coming to Sivas and are trained for about 3 months. In December, three Japanese gender experts will come to provide workshop and lectures to them. The opening ceremony will be held November 18.

In the program, the Afghan participants are expected to enlarge their professional knowledge and skills about how to protect people and maintain social order. In the field of security also, the long existing good relations among Turkey, Afghanistan and Japan will further be strengthened.




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