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April 29, 2018

Congratulations to the Founding President of JICA Alumni Association in Turkey

The Government of Japan introduces "the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays" to Japanese nationals and foreign nationals who have made important contributions to the development of their country in areas such as politics, diplomacy, industry, economy, science and culture.

In the spring of 2018, Mr. Ruhi ESIRGEN who is the founder president of JICA Alumni Association in Turkey was honoured by "the Order of Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays" for his outstanding contribution for promoting the friendly relation and mutual understanding between Turkey and Japan. Mr. ESIRGEN participated in JICA's training program on "Educational TV Program" in 1969 when he was working at the Ministry of National Education. He didn't have much information about Japan at that time. However during his stay; he was impressed by Japanese people and culture as well as Japanese technology. He stated that after the training in Japan, he became such a Japan lover that he never forgot about it and continued to be interested in everything which is related to Japan.

After several years, he wanted to contact with other JICA ex-participants and the idea of establishing JICA Alumni Association came to his mind accordingly. Mr.ESIRGEN started his studies, contacted some of JICA ex-participants and shared his idea with them. They all agreed on the idea and JICA Alumni of Turkey was officially established in 1988 in Ankara and he was selected as the first president.

The JICA Alumni Turkey with its members of high level officials, academicians and non-governmental organizations continue to share and disseminate their knowledge and Japanese experiences through seminars, panels and social activities which they organize all around Turkey in order to strengthen further relations between Turkey and Japan. Now JICA Alumni of Turkey is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its establishment in 2018. In addition to that, Mr. ESIRGEN has also worked on the development of the curriculum for high schools and made efforts to provide Japanese as an optional foreign language course at high schools for the first time in Turkey.

As JICA Turkey Office, we congratulate Mr. Ruhi ESIRGEN for his ultimate success.

PhotoMr. Takehiro YASUI, Chief Representative of JICA Turkey Office is presenting congrats letter to Mr. Ruhi ESIRGEN


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