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Topics & Events

March 9, 2019

4th Action Plan Contest Award Ceremony" was held on March 09, 2019

Starting from 1959, JICA had invited around 4,000 Turkish Government officers to Japan in order to offer them technical training on different subjects. Within this scope JICA Turkey Office and JICA Alumni Association have been organizing the "Action Plan Contest" in order to encourage and support the participants' activities for the best use of training outcomes since 2015.

On March 09, 2019, the award ceremony was held with the participation of Minister-Counsellor Mr. Yoichi MIKAMI from Embassy of Japan. He kindly delivered opening remarks emphasising the importance of this event that contributed the good relations between Turkey and Japan.

The 1st finalist was Ms. Esma Hulya BARIS from Aslihantepecik Primary School in Balikesir. She participated in the training on "School Based Disaster Education" in 2013. During the training in Japan, she observed that children enjoy learning disaster risk prevention and the Japanese teachers were playing an important role in natural disasters. Her action plan was about a puzzle that she created for children to teach them the appropriate behaviours that should be considered before, during and after disasters. Children correctly answering to a question are given a piece of puzzle and finally complete one picture when they collect all pieces. Such a puzzle is still very few in Japan. Her action plan was created with her own ideas based on the experiences in Japan.

PhotoThe first prize and the certificate were introduced by Mr. Yoichi MIKAMI, Minister-Counsellor of Embassy of Japan

PhotoMr. IVGIN is making presentation of his action plan

The 2nd finalist was Mr. Ilkay IVGIN from Ministry of Culture and Tourism who participated in "Museums and Community Development" in 2017. He said that he was impressed with activities which cannot seen in Turkey, such as replica spaces where visitors can touch and feel exhibits, events held for children to enjoy cultural experiences, volunteers working for museum, etc. His action plan was about extermination of insects from museum depots. The organic artefacts were purified from insects by using fenomons and nitrogen tents and wearing slippers in depots as it was applied in the museums in Japan.

PhotoThe third prize was introduced by Prof. Dr. Hasan H. ATAR, President of JICA Alumni

The 3rd finalist was Mr. Huseyin Can TOPCAN from Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. He participated in the training on "Energy Conservation Technology and Machine Condition Diagnosis Techniques" in 2011. His action plan was related to reactivation and sustainability of the Energy Efficiency Implementation Facility with KAIZEN which is a Japanese management strategy that means "change for the better" to improve productivity.

There are many activity reports also from other ex-participants. We highly appreciate all of their innovative activities made based on learnings and experiences gained in Japan.


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