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Topics & Events

January 24, 2011

JICA conducted the training course "O&M Training for Bosporus Rail Tube Crossing Project" in October and January

JICA conducted the training course regarding the operation and maintenance for "Marmaray Project"[1] for one week beginning from October 25, 2010 and from January 17, 2011.

Marmaray Project

1. "Marmaray Project", which is financed by JICA and one of the significant projects in Turkey, is going to be completed in October 2013. JICA dispatched related public organizations staff, (General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and related organizations (Ulasim and Belbim) which are operating the railways in Istanbul, Ministry of Transport and General Directorate of Railways Harbours and Airports Construction (DLH) which is constructing Marmaray Project) to Japan in order to consider the efficient operation and maintenance system. JICA explained how Japan established current complicated train operating system and held discussions between the organizations for future operation and maintenance of Marmaray Project.

"Role play of disabled"

2. They visited Japan Railway East Training Center (JR) and Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit(TWR). JR Training Center exhibits the major train accidents occurred in Japan and lessons learnt from the accidents. Participants were impressed for JR’s high consideration for its safety management. The participants also experienced the train driving simulation and role playing of disabled in order to learn how to teach these methods to their staff and to recognize Japanese approach for barrier-free transportation. After JR, the participants visited TWR, which operates Rinkai Line on Waterfront of Tokyo Area, in order to learn the management of the organization. The participants found it very useful for them to learn how to make the efficient operation and maintenance system as Rinkai Line experienced in the past.

The participants discussing between the organizations

3. The participants formed groups consisting of the different organization members and discussed about the most efficient operation and maintenance of Marmaray Project. JICA expects them to take necessary actions after their visit to Japan.

4. JICA is cooperating not only for financing to the hard infrastructure but also soft components regarding the loan projects such as the training courses.


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