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Topics & Events

December 15, 2017

Unique possibility to get acquainted with Japanese experience: Museums and community development


It was a great honor for me to be the 7th participant from Armenia and the first participant from Komitas Museum-Institute in the "Museums and Community Development 2017" course organized by JICA, the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku), and the Lake Biwa Museum.

The course gave us a chance to explore the Japanese museum's rich experience and learn about different topics related to various spheres of museology.

We were ten individuals from 9 different countries and we learnt lots of interesting things related to the museum's management, buildings, storage rooms, exhibition and design, relationship with local communities, and educational programs.

Most of Japan's local museums have a great influence on the development of local community. Museums are the place where community members can realize their wishes and do research on interesting topics. I was surprised at what I have seen about Japanese museum's volunteer system. Elderly people do volunteer job in the museums. There are hundreds of volunteers in the big museums. They conduct guided tours, educational programs. They do their job with patience.


We visited also various sites where we could discover Japan's ancient culture, colorful gardens, harmonious religion with peaceful shrines and temples, we felt the beauty of the Japanese language, we met complacent, smiley people we felt how their daily life is in harmony with nature. I was impressed and inspired with the Japanese culture before going to Japan but now I fell in love with it. There, you can feel love everywhere.

People are the essence of the Japanese culture. They are always ready to help each other and foreign people. I had several experiences to meet the kindness of Japanese people during my stay in Japan.


I want to thank JICA for giving me the opportunity to participate in this course and discover Japan. Thank you Ministry of Culture Republic of Armenia for support. Many thanks to the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) and the Lake Biwa Museum for organizing our lectures. I will share the knowledge and experience I received there with my colleges and I will remember my stay in Japan forever. And, finally, I want to thank Japan for the Love I felt there.

Aleta Hakobyan,
Komitas Museum-Institute
Assistant to the Head of Exhibitions and Education Department


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