The Venezuelan economy is greatly dependent on petroleum and vulnerable to trends in international petroleum prices despite its high real GNI per capital (11,820 US dollars in 2012). In addition to the improvement of the social and economic infrastructure, promotion of public awareness on environmental issues is necessary for sustainable economic development. Particularly, inadequate waste processing and the aggravation of public health in urban areas, air pollution are urgent issues. The disaster risk management is another important issue to be tackled, as the country frequently suffers from natural disasters. JICA's support to Venezuela is primarily focused on the environmental conservation and the disaster prevention.

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Edificio Centro Letonia, Piso 10, Oficina 10-1 Av. Principal de La Castellana, Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela
(Apartado Postal No.61596, Zona Postal 1060, Caracas, Venezuela)

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