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March 12, 2018

[Training Updates] Visiting "Kanagawa, a society where people can live together in harmony" from Malaysia to Learn from Japan's Efforts in Special-needs Education

Officials from the Ministry of Education and state governments as well as teachers from special-needs schools have arrived in Kanagawa, a society where people can live together in harmony. from Malaysia. They are going to learn Japan's efforts in Special-needs education through lectures and site visits to relevant schools and institutions.

An extremely tragic incident occurred on July, 2016 at "Tsukui Yamayuri-en", a Kanagawa Prefectural home for the mentally challenged, killing nineteen people and injuring twenty-seven. In the hope that such an incident will never be repeated, Kanagawa Prefecture change this sorrow into power and have endeavored to achieve "Kanagawa, a society where people can live together in harmony".


To update the concept of the Look East Policy(LEP)* to better reflect Malaysia's current needs, the second wave of LEP, also known as LEP2.0 was promoted since 2015. While Malaysia has shown a rapid growth in these supports of Japan through many years and aims at achieving developed-nation status by 2020, there are some challenges to be addressed including economy transformation to high value-added service industries, eco-friendly development, equal access to education and employment, and social protection. School attendance rate of children with disabilities remains low, and the lack of experts in education for children with disabilities has been identified as one of the major factors causing inadequate availability of special needs education within the country.

Given these conditions, this three-year programme aims to achieve the following two major objectives: 1. To increase the pool of experts available to support students with special needs, and 2. To ensure that teachers are adequately prepared to teach the 21st century skills desired of Malaysia's students with special needs.


In order to achieve such goals, this programme provides the participants with opportunities to take lectures from experts as well as to visit relevant institutions. With greater knowledge regarding special-needs education, public services for people with disabilities, and their social participation, participants will address the challenges that Malaysia is currently facing.

* Look East Policy (LEP): Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, announced an initiative called "Look East Policy" to learn from the labour ethics, management capability and experiences of Japan in the nation-building of Malaysia. Approximately 14,000 students and training participants have been sent to Japan by the Government of Malaysia since 1982.


[Programme Overview]

Name of the Programme
LEP2.0 Attachment Program for Special Education Personnel of Ministry of Education of Malaysia

From 18th February 2018 to 17th March 2018


Officials from the Ministry of Education, Officials from State Governments, and Teachers from Special-needs Schools in Malaysia (10 in total)


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