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April 1, 2014

New Volunteers Arrival !!

April 1, 2014, three people landed Zambia as members of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. In the duty station of each of the two years from now, as vegetable growing lecturer activities in the agricultural college (Mpika), as science education activities in secondary school and (Solwezi), as a PC instructor activities in the skills training centre (Kasama). Since it takes more than 10 hours from the capital city, Lusaka, to each recipient organization, the support that enhances health in such region will be back up by JICA office.

And when the three people arrived at the airport for the first time a month ago, there was also the place that is awkward and nervous yet, but in the field training of this month, through learning the local language of each region, Familiarization Visit that bus tickets on their own actually to go to the greeting to the working place by one person, and I feel reliably at the sight which they are familiar in the life of this place little by little. Of course, from the life of Japan, the life in their dispatched places contains the difficulty in many ways. However, it is possible that the volunteer who had said, "I'm warring to survive here for two years" is surrounded by friends and colleagues of the local, to talk proudly, "this town is a second home for me," This is the best part of cooperation Volunteers only by working at the grassroots level.

Long rainy season is over, Zambia will be dry season from now until November. Rain does not get off for a while, but we hope that they will become a bridge of friendship between Zambia and Japan in this land of Africa, big flower blooms.

In the end, I introduce the aspirations of two years from them.

"One person even asked to feel the charm of science to many students, I want to nurture scientific workers of the future"

(Solwezi : Science Education)

"Share sprit with the people of Zambia, I want to make a lot of friends in the field"

(Mpika : Vegetable Growing)

"I find the best of Zambia which is not in Japan, I would like to bring them back"

(Kasama :PC instructor)

T. Tanaka




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