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September 1, 2014

Health, Education, and Livestock sector's NEW Volunteers have arrived!

The importance of the Health, Education and Livestock sectors cannot be overemphasized in Zambia and the world over.

We received 10 volunteers, three for the health sector, five for the education sector, and two for the livestock sector. Even more exciting is the fact that we have 3 nurses among the volunteers!


One of the volunteer nurses, Ms. Umeki Tamiko (front roll, far left), was in Zambia 28 years ago and worked as a nurse in Solwezi. This time round she will be based in Lusaka at Chilenje Clinic. The clinic is one of the two, the other being Matero Clinic, that JICA is working on in conjunction with the government, to upgrade to a hospital. This will enable more people gain access to quality medical care, and decongest the other hospitals in the city.

On the education front, we were happy to receive 5 volunteers who will help educate our children at different locations in the country. They will face numerous challenges like insufficient resources, language barriers, and cultural differences and so on, but they are all here with one goal in mind, to do the best they can and put a smile on a Zambian child's face. Notable among them is Mr. Watanabe Suguru (back roll, far left), a Physical Education teacher. He will teach P.E., as well as train 4 local P.E. teachers. Very few government schools offer P.E. to students due to several factors. Physical Education is an important element of the primary and secondary education as it instills discipline in students, as well as keeping them fit.

As for the volunteers in livestock sector, we received one senior volunteer and one junior volunteer who are veterinarians in Japan. The challenge to build the capacity of Livestock in Zambia is controlling the diseases of animals including wild animals in the National Park. Dr.Kondo (Senior Volunteer) is dispatched in the Research Station for diagnosis of diseases. The other volunteer will start working in the center which focusing on the supporting for small scale dairy farmers.

PhotoMr. Ota Takayuki (standing) making a presentation during the SPEAK OUT session held at JICA Zambia office in Lusaka.


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