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Topics & Events

October 14, 2014

Dr. Yoko Fujikake (JICA Technical Advisor) visited Zambia –to facilitate the "Discovery" of the wisdom of Livelihood Improvement in Zambia–

<p>Dr. Yoko Fujikake, JICA/JOCV Home arts/ Livelihood Improvement Technical Supervisor, also a Professor at Yokohama National University, visited Zambia between 07/October/2014 – 14/October/(8 days), for the purpose of supporting short-term volunteers' activities.</p> <p>As written in the latest article - Nutrition Improvement Movement in Zambia, The Short-Term Volunteers arrived on 03/Oct/2014 (<a href="/zambia/office/information/event/20141003.html">http://www.jica.go.jp/zambia/office/information/event/20141003.html</a>).JICA has been supporting Nutrition Movement in Lusaka Province with the team of short-term volunteers. Lusaka Provincial Agriculture Coordinator Office has requested following activities;</p> <ol> <li> Observation of the life of people living in the rural areas through the collection of Basic Quantitative and Qualitative data</li> <li>"Discover the seeds"- traditional knowledge and wisdom which has the potential to link up to nutrition improvement</li> <li>Working together with District Officers, Camp Officers and the key persons in the community, to improve nutrition status and their lives in general.</li> </ol> <p>During her business trip, Dr. Yoko Fujikake visited the field to share her experiences with the officers and volunteers. She is one of the top runners in the field of Livelihood Improvement Programme (LIP) and social survey. She has been supporting Paraguay for more than 20years since the time she was a JICA volunteer.</p> <p>The short-term volunteers are requested to work on what will be used as preparation for the actual implementation from next season. Dr. Yoko said "Japan has a history of LIP after WW2. What we can do is, not give only the knowledge but support to discover the wisdom from the people in the community. Don't find what they don't have; let's find out what they have."</p> <p>The history of LIP in Zambia has just began, however,<br> JICA hopes this will make big change in Zambia in the future.</p> <p>Teppei TANAKA (Volunteer Programme Coordinator)</p>

PhotoMeeting Participants

PhotoProf. Fujikake and Short-term Volunteers with Lusaka Provincial Agriculture Coordinate Officer

PhotoInterview at Field

PhotoShort-term Volunteers with Local Officers

PhotoWorkshop of Prof. Fujikake to the Officer in Lusaka Province


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