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January 6, 2015

Volunteers contribution to developmental change

A few weeks ago on the 5th of December 2014, JICA Zambia JOCV's joined several Government Departments, International organizations, local NGO's, and other volunteer bodies and individuals to commemorate International Volunteer Day. The commemorations for 2014 were under the theme: People's Participation to make change happen and the catch phrase was, "Make Change Happen, Volunteer! "

Exactly one month after this commemoration a new batch of Japanese volunteers arrived in the country on 6th January 2015, to contribute to this much desired CHANGE. In this context, the change for Zambia is for the country to continue to develop. When we think of Development, the things that come to mind are; human wellbeing and welfare, access to basic necessities of life, elimination of poverty and disease, technology advancement and of course higher incomes!

This new batch of volunteers has exactly the right people add to this change in their own small way with their expertise in the following fields: Community Development (1), Information technology (3), Laboratory Technology (1), Agriculture (1), Home Arts and Life Improvement (1), Physical Education (1), Science Education (1). All of them are already assigned to different parts of the country.

We know that this is not the first ever group of Japanese volunteers to ever work in Zambia, however, the year 2015 is a significant year on the development scene as we transition from Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals. Volunteering is increasingly being seen as a powerful approach to development cooperation. As we move towards sustainable development our new volunteers have come at critical time to contribute in the final phase and build on what their predecessors and counterparts have been working towards for about 15 years in view of Millennium Development Goals.

So, as we welcome fresh volunteers we also applaud them and all volunteers who have come together with each of them contributing through their expertise, willingness and passion to the development agenda here in Zambia. We hope that the quest for the new volunteers to make change happen in their areas of assignment (Kanakantapa, Kasama, Ndola, Mukuni, Luwingu, Kitwe, Kabwe, Livingstone and Serenje) will be a success story at the end of their two year term in Zambia.

PhotoNew Volunteers and JICA staff Ms. Mwaba and Resident Representative Mr. Noda


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