Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in Asia, with roughly 150 million people living on land 60 percent smaller than Japan and 30 percent of the population living in poverty. Vulnerable to natural disasters such as cyclones, floods and earthquakes, Bangladesh is also susceptible to the effects of climate change. In the 2000s, the country had firm economic growth averaging six percent each year, and attention has been drawn to the country as both a destination for investment and as a market because of its scale of population, and ample, inexpensive labor force. To assist the government of Bangladesh in attaining its objective of becoming a middle-income country by 2021, JICA has provided assistance to achieve sustainable economic growth and poverty alleviation. To assist with economic growth, JICA continues to provide cooperation in building transportation, electric power and other infrastructure, and is also assisting in stimulating the private sector. To overcome the vulnerabilities of society, JICA is providing assistance in areas such as basic education, health care, rural development, governance and disaster management.


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JICA Bangladesh Office
UDAY TOWER (7th floor), Plot No.57 & 57/A, Gulshan Avenue (south), Circle-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

What's New (JICA Bangladesh Office)

December 16, 2014 Dhaka Apparel Summit 2014 and Inception Seminar for Power System Master Plan 2015
December 4, 2014 Disaster Risk Reduction Short Film Festival and Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
November 28, 2014 Project Launching Workshop of "Inclusive City Governance Project" and Holidays
November 20, 2014 Lymphatic Filariasis: "A Neglected Tropical Disease" Changing Awareness through Determined and Passionate Patient Care
November 13, 2014 For better performance of Community Clinics – ToT of "Core Team" to support CG/CSG held


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JICA Bangladesh Office


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