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Despite its rapid economic growth, China faces many environmental and other problems. JICA is developing cooperation to strengthen mutually beneficial and reciprocal economic relations between Japan and China. As China expands its influence as an emerging donor, JICA is engaging China through dialogue and seminars from the perspective of strengthening relations as a fellow donor country. JICA's cooperation with China is focused on three areas: 1) responding to global issues including infectious diseases, environmental problems and other issues, 2) assisting with reform and openness (including promoting good governance), and 3) advancing mutual understanding. The aim of this cooperation is to address issues faced by both Japan and China (creating a system and standards to enhance the predictability of transnational pollution, measures against yellow sand, infectious diseases, and international corporate expansion) and to promote multilayered mutual understanding.


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JICA China Office
Room 400, Beijing Fortune Building, No.5, Dong SanHuanBei RD,
Chao Yang District, Beijing, 100004, The People's Republic of China

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