Ghana is a country renowned for its political and social stability. Ghana has held six peaceful and democratic elections including two changes in administration, and the country is praised as a model of African democracy in the international community. The start of oil production in 2010 has invited increased volume of foreign investment and stimulated higher level of economic activity, enabling Ghana to maintain high growth rate in the recent years. However, various challenges remain, including regional disparities, and inadequate infrastructure and public services. In order to consolidate Ghana's stable socioeconomic development process, it is crucial to overcome these issues. To support Ghana in its effort, JICA's cooperation is primarily focused on 1) agriculture (rice cultivation); 2) economic infrastructure (electricity and transport); 3) health and science/mathematics education; and 4) capacity development in administrative and financial management.


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JICA Ghana Office
2nd Floor, The Elizabeth, No. 68A, Senchi Link, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.
(P.O. Box. 6402, Accra-North, Ghana)

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JICA Ghana Office


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