As a marine and air transportation gateway to East Africa—a region with a population of roughly 140 million people—Kenya occupies a key geographical location, and at US $790 (2010), Kenya leads the regional economy with the highest per capita gross national income (GNI). The country faces problems such as an expansion in the poorest segment of the population due to urbanization, worsening unemployment particularly among the youth, and frequent natural disasters in a country where 80 percent of the land is arid or semi-arid. Although the country is more industrialized than in other East African countries, agriculture is still one of the main industries, with horticultural crops and tea as the main crops. Agriculture contributes to 20 percent of the GDP and accounts for half of the labor force in Kenya. JICA's support to Kenya is primarily focused on 1)Economic Infrastructure and Private Sector Development, 2)Agriculture, 3)Environment and Water, 4)Human Resource Development, and 5) Health.


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