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The structure in Madagascar was such that roughly half of its annual national budget was dependent on aid from foreign donors. In March 2009, however, a "transitional government" was established in an unconstitutional process, leading to major donor countries and agencies freezing new aid. As this has continued, the economic growth dropped to -0.4% in 2009, and Madagascar's economy is still suffering from low economic growth recording only 0.52% growth in 2010 and 0.53% growth in 2011. With the exception of projects already being conducted, in line with governmental policy, JICA has made the decision to not carry out any new bilateral aid for the time being as a general policy. However, projects of an emergency or humanitarian nature, as well as projects for assisting the democratization process will be considered in terms of suitability for implementation determined by JICA on an individual basis.


Office Information
JICA Madagascar Office
No.32 de Villa PRADON, Lot IV G 203 Rue Rainizanabololona,
Antanimena, 101 Antananarivo, Madagascar
(B.P.7552, Antanimena, 101 Antananarivo, Madagascar)

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