In Malawi, 80 percent of the population sustain their living on agriculture. Due to underdevelopment of irrigation facilities and low agricultural productivity, Malawian industry and economy remains vulnerable. In 2011, Malawi's GNI per capita was 340 US Dollars (WB 2012), one of the lowest income standards in the world ranking. However, there are mining potentials of mineral resources, including rare earth minerals. Thus, diversification and promotion of industries, such like mining, is one of the key challenges for Malawi's development. Addressing Basic Human Needs, like education, healthcare, and access to safe water, is also a challenge for Malawi in achieving inclusive development. To support Malawi in overcoming these obstacles, JICA's operations put primary focus on issues of 1) Sustainable Economic Growth, and 2) Social Development.


Office Information
JICA Malawi Office
Pacific House, Area 13, Plot No.100,City Centre, Lilongwe 3,Malawi
(P.O.Box 30321, Capital City, Lilongwe 3, Malawi)

What's New (JICA Malawi Office)

July 18, 2014 Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New College for Secondary School Teachers
May 30, 2014 MIDP Project Outcomes Sharing Workshop Held
May 28, 2014 SMASSE Divisional Inset Takes Place in Two Education Divisions
April 23, 2014 Message from the Chief Representative
April 2, 2014 Grant Agreement Ceremony Between the Government of Malawi and the Government of Japan and OVOP Strategic Plan National Consultative Workshop


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JICA Malawi Office


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