Application Forms

Request for JICA Projects:

Following shall be utilized for requesting JICA Projects

  1. The Application form for Japan’s “Technical Cooperation”, “Development Study” and “Grant Aid” (PDF/89KB) (Word/92KB) is the principal request form for JICA.
  2. The Screening Format is (PDF/94KB) (Word/50KB) a check list to be attached with the form in (1) above.
  3. The Sector Code (PDF/57KB) (Excel/23KB) is the reference guide about sector code for the form in (1) above.

JICA Training and Dialogue program:

Following are two different forms to be utilized for participating in JICA Training programs:
  1. The Application form for the JICA Training and Dialogue Program (PDF/198KB) (Word/271KB) shall be utilised for Group Training Courses, Counterpart Training and Country Focused Training.
  2. The Application form for the JICA Training Program for Young Leaders (PDF/215KB) (Word/252KB)

The application forms shall be submitted through proper channel after the offer of training by JICA through Economic Affairs Division (EAD), government of Pakistan.

Request for JICA Experts:


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