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Technical Cooperation

List of Activities under Training Program Section

(Group Training Courses and Area-Focused Training Courses)

Course Title Planned No. of Trainees for JFY 2015 Start of Training (Y/M/D) End of Training (Y/M/D) JICA Center
Planning and Designing of Agricultural Statistics for Food Security Policy Making 1 2015/8/16 2015/10/3 JICA Tsukuba
Participatory Irrigation Management System for Paddies for Asian Countries(A) 1 2015/5 2015/7 JICA Hokkaido
Development of Agricultural Cooperatives and Improvement of Management Capacity 1 2015/5/10 2015/7/18 JICA Tsukuba
Strengthening Safety Management System of Agricultural Products 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Tsukuba
Planning of Agricultural Policy 1 2015/8/16 2015/9/19 JICA Tsukuba
Improved Operation and Management for Agricultural and Rural Infrastructure Centering on Irrigation Facilities   (B) 1 2016/2/13 2016/4/23 JICA Tsukuba
Integrated Agriculture and Rural Development through the Participation of Local Farmers(B) 1 2015/11 2015/12 JICA Tsukuba
Local Industry Development through the Enhancement of Hygiene and Quality Management for Animal-Sourced Foods 1 2016/2/8 2016/5/14 JICA Hokkaido
Research on Veterinary Technology 1 2016/3 2016/10 JICA Tsukuba
Irrigation and Drainage through Integrated Water Management 1 2016/3/13 2016/9/17 JICA Tsukuba
International Taxation for Asian Countries 1 2015/5/11 2015/5/29 JICA Tokyo
International Seminar on Taxation (General) 1 2015/9 2015/10 JICA Tokyo
International Seminar on Taxation (Advanced) 1 2015/11 2015/11 JICA Tokyo
Competition Law and Policy - establishing and strengthening a foundation for market economy- 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kansai
Sewage Works Engineering and Stormwater Drainage Technology 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Tokyo
Advancement of Solid Waste Management Technologies (Advance, Technique)(B) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kyushu
Enhancement of Solid Waste Management Capacity (Advance, Planning&Policy)(B) 1 2015/10/26 2015/11/21 JICA Kansai
Operation and Maintenance of Sewerage System(B) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kyushu
Application of Good Practices on Co-management of Coastal Fisheries(A) 1 Under Planning  Under Planning JICA Yokohama
Planning of Fisheries Community Development(A) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Yokohama
Seminar on Promotion of Networking among Asian Countries on Anti-Trafficking in Persons 1 2015/10 2015/10 JICA Tokyo
Participatory Local Social Development 1 2015/8/5 2015/9/9 JICA Chubu
Production and statistical analysis of monitoring indicators in support of inclusive development policies 1 2015/5/13 2015/6/27 JICA Tokyo
Improving Capability in Producing Official Statistics Relating to MDGs Indicators (Junior - Middle level) 1 2015/8/11 2015/12/19 JICA Tokyo
Local Governance 1 2015/5/24 2015/6/26 JICA Tokyo
Counter International Terrorism 1 2015/10/4 2015/10/17 JICA Tokyo
Criminal Justice (Focus on Investigation, Prosecution, Adjudication, and International Cooperation) 1 2015/5/13 2015/6/17 JICA Tokyo
Countermeasures against Cybercrime 1 2016/1/17 2016/2/6 JICA Tokyo
Seminar on Criminal Investigation 1 2016/1/17 2016/2/6 JICA Tokyo
Control of Drug Offences 1 2015/8/30 2015/9/12 JICA Tokyo
Hospital Management(C) 1 2016/1 2016/2 JICA Kyushu
Training in Strengthening of Tuberculosis Control toward MDGs and TB Elimination 1 2015/5/6 2015/8/1 JICA Tokyo
Tuberculosis Laboratory Management for Achievement of MDGs Targets 1 2015/9/23 2015/12/5 JICA Tokyo
Improvement of Maternal Health (focus on MDG 5) 1 2015/10/14 2015/11/7 JICA Tokyo
Health Policy Development 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Tokyo
Laboratory Diagnosis Techniques for the Control of Vaccine Preventable Diseases, including Poliomyelitis and Measles 1 2016/1/13 2016/2/12 JICA Tokyo
Health Systems Management 1 2015/5/20 2015/6/18 JICA Tokyo
Countermeasure for Maternal and Child Health and Child Welfare 1 2016/1/13 2016/2/13 JICA Tokyo
Seminar for Food Safety Policy Making and Management 1 2015/11 2015/11 JICA Tokyo
Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcast (DTTB) Engineering 1 2015/6 2015/7 JICA Tokyo
TV program production for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting 1 2015/8/23 2015/9/12 JICA Tokyo
ISDB-T Broadcasting Executives' Seminar 1 2015/11 2015/11 JICA Tokyo
Capacity Building for Elaborating Information Security Policy 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Tokyo
ICT for the improvement of government capacity and services: information system, security, and strategy(B) 1 2015/8/5 2016/1/22 JICA Okinawa
Promotion of High Efficiency and Clean Thermal Power Generation(B) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kyushu
Energy Policy(B) 1 2015/6/21 2015/7/11 JICA Tokyo
Promotion of Hydropower Development 1 2015/5/17 2015/6/17 JICA Tokyo
Energy-Saving Technology and Governmental Promotion 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kansai
Enhancement of Management Capacity for ASEAN Web-based Mineral Resources Database 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Tsukuba 
Metal-Mining Development Administration 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Tohoku
Policy Planning for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (C) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kyushu
Participatory Community Development for practitioners for reconciliation and creation of society for coexistence  1 2015/10/26 2015/12/19 JICA Kansai
Capacity Development on Governance in Conflict-affected Countries 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Chugoku
Peace Education through Promoting Mutual Understanding 1 2015/5 2015/6 JICA Chugoku
Strengthening of Business Development Services (BDS) for Industrial Promotion(C) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Chubu
Enhancement of the Ability to Support SMEs for Improvement of their Product Quality and Productivity(C) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Chubu
Security Export Control in Asia 1 2015/11 2015/12 JICA Tokyo
Capacity Development for Export and Investment Promotion(A) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kansai
Advocating a Law-Oriented Infrastructure to Promote Foreign Direct Investment(A) 1 2015/5/18 2015/7/4 JICA Kansai
Merchandize Branding and Marketing by utilizing local resources(B) 1 2015/7/1 2015/8/8 JICA Okinawa
Regional Industry Cluster Development through University-Industry-Government (U-I-G) Cooperation 1 2015/10 2015/11 JICA Chubu
Financial and Technical Support for Small and Medium Enterprises promotion(A) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kansai
Strengthening of Policy on Aging in Asia – Challenges of Aging Societies and Policy Responses- 1 2015/9/6 2015/9/19 JICA Tokyo
Social Security System Strengthening Towards Universal Health Coverage(UHC) in Asia 1 2015/11 2015/11 JICA Tokyo
Intellectual Disabilities in Community Activities 2 2015/6/3 2015/8/1 JICA Tokyo
Social Participation and Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities through a Community-Based Inclusive Approach(A) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Okinawa
Urban Railways Management 1 2015/11 2015/11 JICA Tokyo
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Tokyo
Seminar on Port Facility Security for ASEAN 1 2015/10 2015/12 JICA Yokohama
Project Management in Infrastructure Development for Civil Engineers 1 2015/10/14 2015/12/11 JICA Yokohama
Development of Urban Road Network(A) 1 2015/8 2015/9 JICA Kansai
Development of Logistic Systems in Asian Region II 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Chubu
Repair and Maintenance of Construction Equipment and Mechanized Construction Techniques 1 2015/9/1 2015/11/25 JICA Yokohama
Comprehensive Bridge Engineering 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kansai
Road Administration 1 2015/11 2016/12 JICA Tokyo
International Maritime Conventions and Ship Safety Inspection 1 2015/6 2015/8 JICA Yokohama
Sustainable Port Development and Planning (for port engineer) 1 2015/6/3 2015/8/11 JICA Yokohama
Strategic Port Administration and Management (for port manager) 1 2015/10/12 2015/11/21 JICA Yokohama
Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program 1 2015/9/30 2016/9/30 JICA Chugoku
Maritime Law Enforcement 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kyushu
Hydrography for Charting and Disaster Management (Internationally Accredited Category B) 1 2015/6/28 2016/12/19 JICA Tokyo
Search and Rescue, Disaster Prevention and Environment Protection Course for Maritime Safety Officials at the Operational Level 1 2015/9/27 2015/11/21 JICA Yokohama
Planning and Management of National Mapping and Surveying 1 2015/8 2015/12 JICA Tsukuba 
Improvement and Disaster Prevention of Housing and Living Environments 1 2015/10 2015/11 JICA Tokyo
Disaster Prevention of Buildings(against Earthquake, Tsunami, Typhoon, Fire, etc.) 1 2015/6 2015/8 JICA Tokyo
Urban Public Transport(A) 1 2015/7/5 2015/8/8 JICA Tokyo
Public Involvement, Consultation and Resettlement for Public Works Projects(A) 1 2015/7/28 2015/8/29 JICA Hokkaido
Urban Management for Sustainable Urban Development(A) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kyushu
National and Regional Development Policy 1 2015/9/8 2015/10/9 JICA Yokohama
Community Based Disaster Risk Management(A) 2 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kansai
Reinforcement of Meteorological Services 1 2015/9 2015/12 JICA Tokyo
Strategy for Resilient Societies to natural disasters 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kansai
Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management(A) 1 2016/1/4 2016/2/20 JICA Kansai
Promotion of Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Tokyo
Seismology, Earthquake Engineering and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation 1 2015/10 2016/9 JICA Tsukuba
Capacity Development for Flood Risk Management with Integrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS) 1 2015/7 2016/8 JICA Tsukuba 
Integrated Water Resource Management(B) 1 2015/8/30 2015/9/19 JICA Tokyo
Raising Awareness of Disaster Reduction(B) 1 2016/1 2016/2 JICA Kansai
Flood Disaster Mitigation 1 2015/10 2016/9 JICA Tsukuba 
Disaster management for landslide and sediment-related disasters (triggered by heavy rainfall, earthquake and volcanic activity) 1 2015/10 2015/12 JICA Tokyo
Disaster Management on Infrastructure (River, Road and Port)(A) 1 2015/5 2015/7 JICA Kansai
Water Supply Administration for Better Management of Water Supply Services(B) 1 2015/11/30 2015/12/11 JICA Tokyo
Non-Revenue Water Management (Leakage Control)(C) 1 Under Planning Under Planning JICA Kyushu



Course Title Duration Slots JICA Center In-charge
Rural Development to be announced 16 JICA Tohoku
Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Promotion to be announced 15 JICA Chugoku
Urban Environmental Management to be announced 15 JICA Yokohama
Fishery using Resource Management Approach to be announced 15 JICA Tohoku
  TOTAL 61  


In-Country Training Program (ICTP)

  1. Reform of Public Administration and Public Finance
  2. Investment Promotion
  3. Governance
  4. Improvement in Infrastructure for Economic Growth
  5. Environment
  6. Improvement in Livelihood
  7. Upgrading and Expansion of Basic Services
  8. Disaster Prevention
  9. Assistance for Peace and Development in Mindanao

Third Country Training Program (TCTP)


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