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Promoting Home-Grown Solutions in Africa

2022/8/26 (Fri)17:00-18:30(JST)
Private Sector
Type of Event
Online Webinar
African Union Development Agency-NEPAD (AUDA-NEPAD)/Boston Consulting Group (BCG)/Villgro Africa


The COVID-19 crisis highlighted an overwhelming reliance on imports, especially for critical medical supplies. At the same time, a number of emerging African companies have started to provide local products and services with a high level innovation and adaptation. These home-grown solutions (HGS) have the potential to address economic and social challenges and strengthen Africa's resilience.
Currently, many of these promising African companies face challenges regarding scaling their operations and the overall impact.To address this situation, various platforms, programs, and schemes to support private companies that tackle social issues are being developed.

Key Questions

  • What are the major obstacles that HGS companies face in expanding their businesses?
  • How can the public/private sector contribute to promoting HGSs?
  • What are some effective methods to encourage engagement by and cooperation within important actors in the field (e.g., government, international organizations, investors, etc.)?


To discuss the importance of and strategies for promoting Africa's home-grown solutions from the perspective of both the public and private sector, especially regarding approaches to mobilizing resources and attracting investment.


Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki
Mr. KATO Ryuichi
Vice President, JICA
Mr. IWAMA Hajime
Chief Representative, JICA Kenya Office
Mr. George Murumba
Project Lead, AUDA-NEPAD
Mr. OIKAWA Takeshi
Managing Director &Partner, BCG Nairobi Office
Mr. Wilfred Njagi
Co-founder & CEO, Villgro Africa
Mr. Tope Adegun
Partner, AXA Investment Managers
Mr. HANDA Shigeru
Partner, AAIC Investment
Dr. Daphne Ngunjiri
CEO, Access Afya
Ms. Krupali Shah
Technical Director, Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Ltd
Mr. Oluwasoga Oni
CEO & Founder, Mdaas Global
Mr. Amr AboDraiaa
Co-Founder & CEO, Rology

*The deadline for registration is 17:00, Thursday, August 25 (Japan time).