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JICA Global Agenda - JICA's 20 Strategies for Global Development -

1. Urban and Regional Development

Urban management for livable and sustainable cities

2. Transportation

The world where all people and goods move safely and freely

3. Energy and Mining

Toward a world where everyone can use affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity

4. Private Sector Development

Fostering private enterprises and support economic growth in developing countries

5. Agriculture and Rural Development

Eradicate poverty and hunger by achieving sustainable agriculture

6. Health

Advancing a healthpromoting society to protect people's lives at all times

7. Nutrition

8. Education

Quality education where each individual shines with vitality

9. Social Security/Disability and Development

Making a world to live our lives with dignity

10. Sport and Development

A peaceful world where all people can enjoy sport

11. Peacebuilding

Building peaceful and just societies without fear and violence

12. Governance

A society where all people can live with dignity

13. Public Finance and Financial System

Strengthening fiscal and financial foundations, aiming for economic stability and growth

14. Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

Toward a society where every individual, regardless of gender, can fulfill their potential

15. Digital for Development

16. Climate Change

Confronting the threat of climate change with Partner countries

17. Natural Environment Conservation

Inheriting the Bounty of Nature to the Future Generations

18. Environmental Management

Prevent Environmental Pollution to Create Clean Cities for the Healthy Lives of People

19. Sustainable Water Resources Management and Water Supply

For a Society with Safe Water for All People

20. Disaster Risk Reduction through Pre-disaster Investment and Build Back Better

Building nations' resilient foundation for saving lives and developing economy