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JICA at Work


From the Field
June 12 is “World Day Against Child Labour”: What can we do for the future of children and the world? JICA’s challenge against child labour


June 11, 2021
Child labour takes away from children’s opportunities to receive quality education and grow up safely and soundly – in other words, it is a form of labour that destroys the future of children and the world.

From the Field
Creating a safe automotive society in Angola: Collaborating with Toyota Angola Academy to foster automobile maintenance instructors


June 9, 2021
In Angola, located in southern Africa, the training of auto mechanics has started with the aim of achieving a safe automotive society. Toyota Angola Academy, which provides training for automobile maintenance instructors, opened last October.

From the Field
Supporting the development of a safe vaccination system against COVID-19 for everyone


June 4, 2021
In an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 that is ravaging the world, the key is vaccination. To contain the virus on a global scale, it is crucial that vaccines are distributed fairly and without discrimination to both developed and developing countries.

From the Field
The fight against crop-devouring desert locusts! JICA partners with FAO to support Pakistani farmers suffering from locust damage


June 3, 2021
Desert locusts are found throughout Africa, the Middle East, and southwest Asia, and devour a variety of crops. When an outbreak occurs, swarms of locusts ride the winds and travel a distance of more than 100 kilometers per day, resulting in damage to an estimated 60 countries, covering about 20% of the earth’s land area.


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