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JICA's Activities toward TICAD7

August 14, 2019

[Madagascar] Supporting the Growth of the Gateway to Asia Through Balanced Development

The island nation of Madagascar is a part of Africa while also incorporating diverse cultures of Africa and the Arab world on a base layer of Asian culture. Though it is a key transportation point connecting Asia and Africa and it has great potential for development, being blessed with not only tourism resources, but also fisheries resources and natural resources, it unfortunately remains one of the world's poorest countries.

To assist with poverty reduction in Madagascar, JICA is providing cooperation that encourages growth while striking a balance between economic and social development. Its best-known such project is the "Project for Rice Productivity Improvement and Management of Watershed and Irrigated Area(PAPRIZ Phase2)" It has already gotten results, including the amount of rice harvested per hectare increasing from two tons to five tons.

Also, the Project on Master Plan Formulation for Economic Axis of TaToM (Tananarive-Toamasina, Madagascar) created a trading area development plan to connect the trade gateway Toamasina Port to the capital and is cooperating on the creation of key infrastructure for economic growth.

JICA has also begun the Food and Nutrition Improvement Project to improve the nutritional situation in villages by leveraging work already done by Japan Overseas Cooperation volunteers and JICA training participants.

PhotoPeople work to improve their lives by growing vegetables. The life improvement approach is also being used in the Food and Nutrition Improvement Project.


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