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Activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Introduction of Projects

Project on Informatics Curricula Modernization in Bosnia and Herzegovina Phase 2

Background of the Project :

In the post-Dayton period, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has made significant efforts to strengthen its position for joining the European Union (EU). On this path, the reform of existing education system is an important milestone, one that affects the coming generations of BiH professionals and intellectuals. To that end, the BiH Parliament has adopted a number of framework bylaws on primary, secondary and higher education. Yet, it is no wonder that BiH, with its many transitional issues at hand, is facing difficulties and delays to promptly reform its education system according to the EU standards.

When it comes to the IT teaching in particular, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FbiH) Ministry of Education and Republic of Srpska (RS) Ministry of Ministry of Education as well as relevant pedagogical institutes, share the view that a disproportionate emphasis on theoretical knowledge can be found in the existing IT curricula for secondary schools. The Government of Japan recognized this need and decided to provide technical assistance to BiH in educational sector with the purpose of creating a framework for education institution to collaborate on IT modernization efforts in secondary schools.

  • Project type : Technical Cooperation Project
  • Project objective : Improving IT education in local gymnasia, in collaboration with the relevant IT education authorities in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBIH) and Republika Srpska (RS).
  • Project sites
    • 38 schools in FBIH and 15 schools in RS
  • Duration : August 2010 − September 2013
  • Executing Organization
    • Federal Ministry of Education and Science, FBIH
    • Ministry of Education and Culture, RS
  • Outputs
    1)The IT textbooks provided by JICA are adopted following to the existing legal procedure and modernized IT lessons are carried out in target schools in FBIH and RS.
    2)An information exchange network between the FBIH and RS IT teachers is established.
    3)Localization and harmonization of the modernized IT curricula are implemented in collaboration with the relevant IT education authorities in FBIH and RS.


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