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Activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Introduction of Projects

Project for the Improvement of Musical Instruments for Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra

Background of the Project:

Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra was established in 1923 and possesses a very long and rich history and tradition. In their history, they survived the hardships of the World War II and the recent conflict, including the tragic deaths and injuries of respected musicians as well as the destruction of precious musical instruments. However, they have never stopped playing music and have continued practicing even under candle light in basements. Their courage and passion toward music have greatly contributed to the promotion of musical arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and healing hearts of its people during difficult times.

  • Project type: Cultural Grant Aid
  • Project objectives: To enhance the quality of their performance of Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, to allow them to achieve further accomplishment in their field and to contribute to the promotion of musical activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Project sites: Sarajevo
  • Duration: Grant Agreement, signed 26 October 2010
    Delivery of the instruments, expected 3rd quarter of 2013
  • Executing Organization: Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Outputs:
  1. Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra will improve the quality of their performance as professional orchestra in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. Orchestra consists of multiethnic players and has a strong eagerness to contribute to the creation of ethnic harmony and peace-building through music.


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