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Alumni Association

JAAGHA (JICA Alumni Association of Ghana)

Year of Establishment

  • 1991


  1. To bring together all JICA ex-participants living in Ghana and maintain friendship among the members.
  2. To maintain contact with JICA and the institutions in Japan with the view to exchange information.
  3. To cooperate with other Ghanaians who are engaged in the related sectors as each of the members.

Number of Members

  • About 1400 members (every ex-participant of JICA training course is a member)


  • Workshop
  • Executive & General Meeting
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Newsletter

Recent Activity:

GJAC (Ghana-Japan Activation Conference)

GJAC is to create a platform for exchange of ideas with the view of identifying challenges facing JICA Ghana and JAAGHA in their operations.

The 1st conference was on "Sector Divided Conference". This conference involved International Donors, Politicians, Law Makers, Media personnel, the public as well as people who are related to JICA ( Experts, Volunteers and Ex-participants of JICA training courses).Opening address was made by the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.

The 2nd conference was on "JICA Training Course and the Impact on Economic Development on the Nation" and "Impact of JOCV Activities on Education and Health Sector in Ghana" At the end of the conference, the assemblies were able to broaden their personal relationships and exchange information, knowledge and experience which are useful for their operations.


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