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News Letter

FY 2019

October - December 2019 (Issue47 (PDF/1.55MB))

  • Promoting Efficient Transport Network by Inaugurating Delhi Metro's Grey Line (Line 9)
  • Ensuring holistic Human Resource Development by hosting 8th "IIT-H-Japan Collaboration Academic Fair"
  • Supporting Capacity Development for Indian Railway Safety
  • Providing Solutions for Biodiversity Conservation and Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution through Workshop in Sikkim
  • Enabling Capacity Enhancement for Sustainable Agriculture & Irrigation in Mizoram
  • Mentoring Young Leaders of India in Renewable Energy Development through Japan's Knowledge Co-Creation Program
  • Promoting Holistic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Amblyopia through Workshop in Ahmedabad

July - September 2019 (Issue46 (PDF/920KB))

  • Boosting Sewerage Treatment through Yamuna Action Plan Project (III)
  • Congratulating all students on completion of Training on Advanced Mould in CIPET Lucknow and Wishing them Success in bringing change in the Manufacturing Sector
  • Seven New JICA Volunteers Deployed to India for Sharing their Knowledge and Experience
  • Promoting Capacity Development for Railway Safety by Visiting Rolling Stock Maintenance Facilities under Technical Cooperation Project
  • Second Bamboo Workshop to Boost Production and Value Chain Management in North East States
  • Dispatching JICA Experts for Railway Safety Management and Track Maintenance under Technical Cooperation Project
  • Promoting Sustainable Forest Management with People's Participation and Technical Advancement
  • Voice of JICA staff

April - June 2019 (Issue45 (PDF/1.75MB))

  • Promoting Environmental Sustainability through Quality Solutions
  • India- Japan Joint Research Program launched to Create Innovative Solution for Severe Traffic Congestion
  • Japanese Companies Present their Special Technologies for Sewerage Treatment
  • Reinforcing Commitment to Sustainable Environmental Development in India
  • Supporting India for Capacity Development on Railway Safety

FY 2018

January - March 2019 (Issue44 (PDF/3.88MB))

  • Strengthening Chennai's Transport Network by Inaugurating the Final Stretch of Phase- I of Chennai Metro Project
  • New Metro system to enhance mobility in Ahmedabad
  • Learning Innovative Approaches and New Techniques to Protect Forest Ecosystems
  • Encouraging Efficient Distribution System for Agricultural yields at Inaugural Ceremony of Temperature Controlled Solar Powered Warehouse in West Bengal
  • Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Campus Development Project of IIT Hyderabad
  • Dispatching the 1st Group of JICA Experts for Technical Cooperation Project for Capacity Development on Railway Safety
  • Inauguration of Project for Sustainable Catchment Forest Management Assures Continuous Improvement of Forests in Tripura
  • International Women's Day: Taking Small Steps towards Bigger Change
  • Award Ceremony for Posters Drawn by School Children on theme of "Mottainai"

October - December 2018 (Issue43 (PDF/3.72MB))

  • Signed Loan Agreements to Strengthen India-Japan Relationship
  • Enhanced Mobility by Inaugurating New Section of Delhi Metro's Pink Line (Line 7)
  • Commenced Technical Cooperation Project for Capacity Development on Railway Safety
  • Held the 7th Edition of the ‘IIT Hyderabad - Japan Collaboration Academic Fair'
  • Inaugurated the Jharkhand Horticulture Intensification by Micro Drip Irrigation Project
  • Inaugurated the Orissa Integrated Sanitation Improvement Project (Phase II)
  • Extended Champions for Societal Manufacturing (CSM) Project till 2020
  • Highlighted the Vision for Open Defecation Free India at World Toilet Summit 2018
  • Voice of JICA Staff

June - September 2018 (Issue42 (PDF/5.59MB))

  • JICA Is Committed to Improve Transportation, Signs Loan Agreement for High Speed Rail and Kolkata Metro Project
  • JICA Promotes Ease of Travel by Inaugurating the Delhi Metro's Pink Line
  • JICA Extended Technical Assistance for Capacity Development and Safety of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor
  • The Project for Improvement of Himachal Pradesh Forest Ecosystems Management and Livelihoods Inaugurated
  • JICA's Contribution Towards The World Class International Convention Centre In Varanasi
  • JICA promotes tourism at Workshop on Ajanta-Ellora
  • JICA shared their insights about Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Operations at the DMIC Seminar
  • JICA Experts Shared key Insights at the International Buddhist Conclave 2018 to Enhance Tourism at Buddhist Sites in India
  • JICA Organizes 9th Project Directors Meeting of JICA-Assisted Forestry & Natural Resource Management Projects
  • Children cherished Learning through Storytelling Session of JICA-Supported Mottainai Grandma Picture Book in New Delhi
  • JICA Celebrated 12th Anniversary of VLFM / CSM Learning Convention in Mumbai
  • India-Sri Lanka Youth Rugby Friendship Match between teams led by JICA Volunteers, held in Odisha
  • Mr. Katsuo Matsumoto joins as the new Chief Representative of JICA India
  • Introducing JICA Staff

April - May 2018 (Issue41 (PDF/4.13MB))

  • JICA Shared Insights on Solid Waste Management at the 8th Regional 3R Forum, Indore
  • JICA Shared Best Practices to Enhance Forest Ecosystems at the 10th Annual Forestry Workshop
  • The First National Level Workshop for Agriculture Projects Supported by JICA in India
  • Promoting Excellence in Healthcare Sector in Tamil Nadu through JICA's Cooperation
  • JICA India Chief Highlighted Japanese Contribution at the North-East Development Conclave
  • JICA India Chief Addressed "India- Japan Ties" at the Ahmedabad Management Association
  • Japanese Technology for Rainwater Harvesting Using Plastic Underground Storage Facilities
  • Safe Water Distribution started in Nagaur, Rajasthan with JICA's Support
  • JICA Facilitated Delhi Metro Tour for the Japanese Parliament Delegation
  • JICA Congratulates Mr. Vineet Sarin for Receiving ‘Star Alumni Award' from his Alma Mater for his Contribution towards ‘Environment & Social Sector - Development Banking'

FY 2017

January - March 2018 (Issue40 (PDF/476KB))

  • JICA Signed Grant Aid and Loan Agreements to Strengthen India-Japan Relationship
  • JICA Assisted Delhi Metro Line 7 Inaugurated
  • Commissioned Water Supply System in Nagaur to 120 Villages consisting of 30 lakh Population through Rajasthan Rural Water Supply Project
  • Ex-participants of JICA Training Courses Held a Seminar for Sharing Expertise on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • JICA Shared its Experiences at Environmental Seminar on Air Pollution Co-Organized by Delhi and Fukuoka
  • JICA India's Chief as Key Panelist of "Infrastructure- the Growth Engine" at Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence Summit
  • JICA India's Chief Addressed the Dignitaries on the First Day of the Two-Day Global Investor's Summit - Advantage Assam
  • Afghan Ofcials Learned from the Experiences of Himachal Pradesh
  • JICA India's Chief Representative Addressed Workshop for Promoting India-Japan Partnership for Economic Development in the Northeast
  • JICA President Dr. Kitaoka Met Mr. Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of IndiaJICA's Senior Representative made a Presentation at the Disaster Mitigation Seminar
  • JICA Held Active Discussions on the Seminar for the First SCADA System with Water-Controlled Valves for Equitable Water Distribution
  • JICA Organized a Seminar on Adjustable Speed Pumped Storage Plant Technology
  • Japanese Children Picture Book "Mottainai Grandma" Released in India with JICA's Support
  • JICA Participated in Workshop for The WEB of Transport Corridors in South Asia

October - December 2017 (Issue39 (PDF/1.43MB))

  • JICA Extends Its Cooperation to Strengthen India-Japan Relationship
  • JICA's First Loan Project Towards New Andhra Pradesh to Increase Agricultural Productivity Together with the Farmers
  • JICA Supports Cleaning of Bengaluru Water with More Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • JICA Announced Scholarships to Create Future of India with Japan for IIT Hyderabad Graduates
  • Key Insights Shared by JICA Experts at Railway Safety Seminar for Capacity Development of the Railway Sector in India
  • Highlights of JICA's Meeting with the Departmnet of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India
  • Seminar Held on Promotion od Intra -Regional Connectivity in North- Eastern Regions of India
  • JICA Unveiled the Book' Breaking Grounds' - A Narrative on the Making of Delhi Metro, an Ethnography on the Lifeline of Delhi Commuters
  • JICA Faciltated Delhi Metro Tour of the Hon'ble State MInsiter of Agriculture, GoJ and Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, GoJ
  • JICA's Active Participation in ASEAN-India Connectivity Summit at New Delhi
  • JICA India's Chief Representative Delivered His Speech at IIT-Delhi
  • JICA India's Chief Makes Presentation in Chennai to Draw Interest Amongst the Japanese Business Society
  • A High Level Delegation of the Government of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Visited the JICA India Office During their "Mission to Gujarat in India"
  • JICA India Facilitated Knowledgeable Cross Learning Program for Agriculture & Irrigation Development" and "Enhancement of Project Monitoring" in India
  • JICA Congratulates Mr. M.P. Singh on Receiving Honours and Accolades for His Service to Humanity from His Distinguished Alumni

July - September 2017 (Issue38 (PDF/6.08MB))

  • JICA Extends its Cooperation to Strengthem India- Japan Relationship
  • JICA's Cooperation Leads to Efficient Sewerage Treatment for One- Third of Bengaluru Population
  • JICA's Cooperation towards Mizoram is Actively in Progress
  • JICA is Actively Participating in the Dialouge for Noth-East States of India
  • Project Directors Meeting for Government Officials of Forestry and Natural Resources Management Projecrs Organised by JICA
  • Informative Academic Fair: Broadening the Career Horizon with "Master of Public Policy"
  • JICA Flagged off its First Extensive Program in India to Support Urban Healthcare in 17 Cities of Tamil Nadu
  • First SCADA System with Water- Controlled Valves for Equitable Water Distribution Commenced in Delhi
  • Knowledge Sharing: 'On the Job Training (OJT)' for JICA Peru Officers in India

April - June 2017 (Issue37 (PDF/4.68MB))

  • Inauguration of JICA's Cooperation to Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project (Phase 2) for Strengthening Livelihood Activities for Brighter Future
  • Strides in Public Health and Environment: JICA Lends Support for Enhancing Sewerage Treatment Capacity in Bengaluru
  • JICA Boosts Urban Mobility in Bengaluru through Completion of Entire Stretch of Namma Metro
  • JICA Promotes Smoother Travel and Boosts Prosperity through Chennai Metro Project (Phase 1) Underground Section Inauguration
  • 52nd Annual Meeting of African Development Bank -2017, Gandhinagar
  • JICA's Exceptional Work Showcased at FICCI's Smart Railways Conclave
  • JICA India Office Relocated to Hindustan Times House, K.G Marg, New Delhi

FY 2016

January - March 2017 (Issue36 (PDF/10.59MB))

  • JICA's Success Stories on Enhancing Environmental Conditions and Strenghening Livelihood Activities SHowcased at Annual Workshop on Sector Projects
  • JICA Supports Doubled Soybean Production and Raised Economic Development  of Frmersin Madhya Pradesh
  • JICA Pomoted Intensive Discussions on the Issue of Air Pollution: Effects and Challenges for Better Air
  • A Two Day Seminar Showcased JICA's Acheivement in Reducation of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Jaipur
  • JICA's Chief Economist Successively Arrived at India: Making a Presentation at Workshop on Quality Infrastructure (CPR), and Paneling in The Growth Net Summit 5.0 (CII)
  • JICA in Association with the Confideration of India Industry (CII) Celebrated 10 Years of Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM)/ Champions for Societal Manufacturing (CSM) Towards "Make in India"
  • JICA Discusses its Role towards Sustainable Development in the 7th ICRIER-PRI Workshop
  • Taisei Kougyou, a Japanese Firm, Held an "Environmentally Freindly Toilet Waste Water Treatment System" Seminar Supported by JICA

October - December 2016 (Issue35 (PDF/6.55MB))

  • JICA's President Visits India to Strengthen the Special Cooperative Relationship between India and Japan
  • JICA Promotes Smooth Implementation of The Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Railway Project - Signed the Memorandum for General Consultancy
  • JICA Assists Capacity Enhancement for Sustainable Agriculture and Irrigation Development in Mizoram
  • JICA Announced Scholarships to Study in Japan for IIT Hyderabad Graduates
  • KODANSHA Conducted Story-Telling Sessions Supported by JICA at Asha Deep Foundation
  • JICA Assisted Kolkata's Global Award on Solid Waste Management

July - September 2016 (Issue34 (PDF/4.94MB))

  • JICA Extends Technical Assistance for the Phase II Project for Crop Diversification in Himachal Pradesh and Slope Disaster Mitigation Component in Uttarakhand.
  • Inauguration of Outer Ring Road and part of Corridor 1 of Chenai Metro.
  • DMICDC Organised Workshop to Enhance Trade betwen Japan and India.
  • JICA organised a Forestry Project Directors Meeting for Government Officials of Forestry and Natural Resource Management Projects in India.
  • Tri-partite Review Meting of JICA ODA Projects Organised by DEA.
  • JICA's SMEs Survey Mission to India for Strengthening Private Sector Partnership Activities.
  • JICA along with AMA Organised Japanese Business Culture and Communication Seminar in Ahmedabad.

April - June 2016 (Issue33 (PDF/3.28MB))

  • JICA's President Expresses His DeepestCondolences for Bangladesh Attack
  • JICA and Delhi Public School, Greater Noida Organized Japanese Language Camp in Collaboration with JICA Volunteers.
  • Much Awaited East-West Corridor (Purple Line) of Bangalore Metro Inaugurated with Comprehensive Assistance from JICA.
  • Japanese Actress Visits JICA Assisted Projects in India.
  • JICA Assisted Verification Survey for Disseminating Japanese Technologies for Harvesting to Increase Yield in Punjab.

FY 2015

January - March 2016 (Issue32 (PDF/665KB))

  • JICA Extends Financial Assistance to Enhance Key Projects across India
  • JICA Shares Key Insights on Industrial Corridors and Societal Manufacturing during ‘Make in India' week
  • JICA Re-Emphasises Focus on Sustainable Forest Management and Community Development Activities On Occasion of 8th Annual Workshop
  • JICA Transform's Ahmedabad Public Transit System by Assisting its First Ever Metro Train
  • JICA's Assistance to Mitigate Pollution of Mula, Mutha and Mula-Mutha Rivers and Improve the Living Environment in Pune
  • JICA Assisted Feasibility Survey for Pre-Cast Concrete Products to Accelerate Social Infrastructure Development in India

October - December 2015 (Issue31 (PDF/443KB))

  • JICA Vice – President Irigaki's India Visit Reiterates JICA's support for Delhi Metro and Delhi Jal Board.
  • JICA Vice-President Hidetoshi Irigaki's India Visit.
  • Seminar on environmental solutions for Varanasi.
  • Academic Fair at IIT Hyderabad.
  • Imperial Decoration for Dr. Sarita Nagpal, Principal Advisor, CII for her contribution to VLFM project.
  • JICA's assistance to Transport Sector.
  • Knowledge Co-Creation Program.

July - September 2015 (Issue30 (PDF/465KB))

  • Integrated Master Plan for Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor Region.
  • JICA's Assistance to Forest resource Management in India: A Cross Section of Projects.
  • Knowledge Exchange Seminar on Sanitation Facilities.
  • Workshop on Recycling Municipal Wastewater for Non-Potable Use.
  • Takema Sakamoto, the new Chief Representative of JICA India.

April - June 2015 (Issue29 (PDF/5.21MB))

  • JICA extends financial assistance to augment power transmission in Odisha.
  • Forestry Workshops spread best practices.
  • Workshop on Operations and Maintenance of a Water Supply System.
  • Groundbreaking for news building of Children's Hospital, Chennai.
  • National Symposium on Excellence in Training awards JICA assisted forestry project.
  • Chennai Metro's first line opens.

FY 2014

January - March 2015 (Issue28 (PDF/266KB))

  • JICA extends financial assistance to enhance irrigation in Odisha and develop sewerage system in Guwahati.
  • JICA's assistance to the agriculture sector in India: a cross- section of projects.
  • Hon'ble CM of Kerala inaugurated Kozhikode Water Supply Scheme, developed under JICA assisted Kerala Water Supply Project.
  • IITH co-organized an international symposium on Digital Fabrication.
  • Technology driven strawberry cultivation to raise rural incomes.

October - December 2014 (Issue27 (PDF/1.94MB))

  • JICA President Tanaka's India visit reiterates India's position as one of Japan's largest partners.
  • JICA's assistance to the water & sanitation sector in India: a cross - section of projects.
  • International seminar on developing efficient coal based thermal power
  • Workshop on innovative sewage- treatment technology
  • Yamuna Action Plan

July - September 2014 (Issue26 (PDF/547KB))

  • JICA supports projects to enhance energy availability across India
  • Outcomes of previous JICA assistance to SIDBI
  • Outcomes of previous JICA assistance to IREDA
  • Research meet at IIT Hyderabad
  • Academic Fair at IIT Hyderabad
  • Electrifying rural areas
  • Kerala Water Supply project benefits 32 lakh across 5 towns & 13 Panchayats

April - June 2014 (Issue25 (PDF/799KB))

  • JICA supports project to improve drinking water supply in Agra
  • JICA organizing sessions to help recycle/reuse municipal waste water
  • Reducing non-revenue water in Jaipur, Goa and Delhi
  • Delhi Metro Phase 3 gets funds boost
  • Financial aid to help Haryana to beat power crisis
  • JICA supports Uttrakhand Forest Management Project
  • Kolkata Solid Waste Management Improvement Project completes 7 years

FY 2013

January - March 2014 (Issue24 (PDF/894KB))

  • Japanese prime Minister reiterated Japan's Support to India
  • Data Collection Survey on Cross Border Connectivity
  • Seminar on Transport Infrastructure Development for regional Connectivity
  • Renovation of Children's Hospital, Chennai
  • Workshop on Non-Revenue Water
  • Bangalore Metro Project
  • Inauguration of Advance water treatment Plant, Agra
  • Workshop on Sustaining Forests & Livelihood Through Joint Forest Management Golden jubilee for JALMA Centre Para Judo Championship
  • Interview with Mr. Yasuhisa Tanaka, Forestry Expert, Technical Cooperation Project



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