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Message from the Chief Representative

It is my great honor and pleasure to take a position of Chief Representative of JICA Iran Office since May 2020.

Ancestors of Iranian people appear frequently in the world history school textbooks used in Japan, such as Persepolis and other historical architectures and the Persian Empire in the 5th century BC. People of Iran and Japan have developed the mutual tie in the long history as the relationship between the two countries has been founded since ancient times through the Silk Road.

In modern days, Iran has taken a vital role for Japanese economy as an energy supplier. We have been utilizing the petroleum and other energy products imported from Iran. Japan has also involved in the development of petroleum engineering and infrastructure.

Today, with the strong bilateral relation between the two countries, Iran and Japan have deepened the mutual cooperation, and JICA, as a governmental organization of Japan, will take an active role for supporting the further national development of Iran.

In order to strengthen the economic and social infrastructure development in Iran, JICA is seeking to enhance cooperation on Strengthening Infrastructure, Enhancement of Job Creation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Water Resources Management, and so forth.

For sustainable development, JICA is strengthening cooperation in the fields of Natural Conservation of Natural Environment, Environment Pollution Management, and Global Warming Management. We also support the initiative of Iranian government as a development partner to support the neighboring countries through the joint training schemes. JICA also pays attentions to the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic of COVID-19.

JICA also supports the expansion of bilateral relation in private sectors. We support the further expansion of businesses in and return of Japanese companies to the Iranian market.

JICA Iran Office will expand the Japanese traditional friendship with Iran. We will continue implementing developmental projects supporting the economic and social stability and development of Iran.

Chief Representative
JICA Iran Office
September 1, 2020


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