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Activities in Iraq

Capacity Development Program

Third Country Training Programs (TCTP)

1) Operation & Maintenance for Water Supply and
2) Policy & Development Planning for Water Supply and Sewage

Long lasting conflicts and successive economic sanctions have caused the water supply and sewage systems in Iraq to become obsolete and malfunctioned.

Compared to the situation before the Gulf War, per-capita water supply amount has declined by half in urban areas and by about one third in rural areas. About 400,000 m3 of waste water is being discharged directly into the Tigris river without due treatment every day. This affected numerous people around the region and caused an increase in the mortality rate due to diarrhea.

The Government of Japan has supported the Iraq reconstruction in this field, i.e. provision of compact water treatment units, water tankers, special vehicles of garbage disposal and sewage cleaning and so forth.

In parallel with those assistances in facilities, institutional capacities of water supply and sewage authorities must be strengthened. Among various needs, policy and development planning, and operation and maintenance are the most urgent issues to be addressed.

JICA, in cooperation with Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ), has decided to carry out the capacity development program in the following two issues;

  1. Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply
  2. Policy and Development Planning for Water Supply and Sewage

Participants learned practical skills in operation and maintenance for the water supply.

They also learned concepts, theories and methodologies of policy and development planning in water and sewage.

Under Japanese experts' instructions, they collected data and compiled it in a report, which was used as a base for a pre-feasibility study on Baghdad water and sewage rehabilitation projects.

Training Title: Operation & Maintenance for Water Supply, Policy & Development Planning for Water Supply and Sewage
Partner Institute: Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)
Training Period: 28 November, 2004 ~ 24 March, 2005
Number of Participants: 35


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