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Activities in Kosovo

Training in Japan

(1) Description

JICA invites specialists and government officials to Japan and, in cooperation with Japanese government institutions, local governments, corporations, and universities, provides them with the knowledge and technical expertise required in their countries. The participants are also introduced to Japanese business and culture, and other activities are undertaken to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries.

(2) KCCP Group and Region Focus Training in JFY2018

Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP) Group and Region Focus trainings scheduled for fiscal 2018 (April 2018 to March 2019) are listed below.


  1. Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Industrial Zone (IZ) Development for Promoting Foreign Direct Investment(A)
  2. Regional Industry Promotion by Cluster Approach(A)
  3. Business Development Services (BDS) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)(C)
  4. Regional Economic and Social Vitalization through Tourism Development: Regional Branding and Marketing in Hokkaido
  5. Enhancing SMEs support capacity through learning Quality and Productivity Improvement(KAIZEN)(A)
  6. Industrial Development and Promotion utilizing local resources
  7. Local Industry Development through the Enhancement of Hygiene and Quality Management for Animal-Sourced Foods: milk, meat and egg
  8. Development of Marketable Local Products –Implementation of One Village One Product Approach-
  9. Community Based Development with Local Residents as Main Actors
  10. Tourism Promotion and Marketing(B)
  11. Enhancement of Solid Waste Management Capacity (Advance, Planning&Policy)(D)
  12. Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation(B)
  13. Ecotourism for Officials on Nature Conservation
  14. Counter International Terrorism
  15. Participatory Local Social Development (PLSD)
  16. Capacity Development on Health Systems Planning
  17. Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers(A)
  18. ICT for the improvement of government capacity and services: Information Security(D)
  19. Theory and Practices in Official Statistics for Monitoring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


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