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Kyrgyz Republic


Kyrgyz Republic

After gaining independence in 1991, the Kyrgyz Republic made remarkable progress in democratization and transition to a market economy. However, due to the lack of competitive products other than gold and its undeveloped investment environment, it has not been able to attract enough foreign investors, and its economy has stagnated, unable to get on track toward stable economic growth. With the objective of promoting poverty reduction through economic growth based on market reform, JICA is providing cooperation, as the primary base for economic growth, to transportation infrastructure, agricultural and rural development, and human resource development for making the transition to a market economy.

Office Information
JICA Kyrgyz Republic Office
15, Razzakov str., Bishkek, 720040, Kyrgyz Republic

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What's New

September 14, 2022 "Admission at PhD Program in Japan is a challenge" - Murataly Uchkempirov shared his experience
May 20, 2022 Message from the Chief Representative
November 25, 2021 The First Republican Form of JDS Fellows took place
November 8, 2021 Meta-facilitation, a method for smoother communication
October 14, 2021 More than 2700 people support their families through producing of products from local raw materials

News & Features

January 13, 2022 Signing of Grant Agreement with Kyrgyz :Improving transportation and safety via road surface countermeasures during blizzards
January 22, 2021 10th anniversary of MUJI collaboration: Manufacturing supports Kyrgyz women's self-reliance
May 12, 2020 【Sports for the future Vol.5】 A JOCV member with the experience of Hakone Ekiden leads Kyrgyz athletes to the Tokyo Olympics
March 18, 2020 Fostering leaders in developing countries: Myanmar Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs born from the JDS program
September 19, 2019 Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, back in Japan, are granted an audience with their Imperial Highnesses Crown Prince and Princess Akishino

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