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Topics & Events

November 30, 2020

Seminar on silage making within the framework of the "Training of Trainers"

In August 2020, a practical seminar on silage* making was held at the Bermet farm as part of the training course for farmers "Training of Trainers" (hereinafter "TOT"). The participants familiarized themselves with the method of silage making and participated in every stage of its production, from harvesting to opening the ready-for-feed silo. Farm "Bermet" has more than 12 years of experience in production and use of this succulent feed, as a result of which it can confidently demonstrate the technology of silage production.

* Silage is a fermented feed (its processing technique is mainly applied to preserve roughage feed to prolong its use for feeding cattle, especially when the roughage feed is scarce because of natural/seasonal conditions)

The main recommendations on choosing a corn cultivar/variety for the best silage, timing to harvest and how to process for the best silage, silo preparation, packing and sealing were provided for farmers.

At this seminar, the technology of silage production without the use of any additives was demonstrated. Silage can be also produced by using ferment (additive).






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