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Topics & Events

March 26, 2021

Energy efficiency in a Japanese way

In 2018 staff of Kyrgyz Technical university Abai Asiev had a chance to participate in a training on energy efficiency and energy saving in Japan. He learnt about policy in this sector, about the basics of energy management and energy audit in Japan. Also Abai Asiev visited enterprises where he found out about measures on reduction of energy consumption. After coming back to Kyrgyzstan he initiated trainings and developed unique training program - 60 % of the content based on his experience gained in Japan. Training participants were representatives from private and state sectors, university professors and students.

In the training private sector representatives learnt about the reduction of energy consuming, civil servants learnt how to improve energy saving policy and professors with students learnt about the possibilities of launching of training programs.

JICA supported this initiative through provision of the special learning materials and equipment for the Technical University for the practical work of students in energy audit.

On 26th of March, 2021, a training completion ceremony and equipment handing over were held and JICA took part in.






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