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Short-Term Training in Japan

Training Courses for Year 2009

NoCourse No.Course NameCourse Begin*Course End*PlaceDeadline*
100672Thermal Treatment for the Disinfectation of Fruit Flies5.
204014International Taxation for Asia5.
300623IP Network Building and Monitoring Technology A5.
400649Occupational Safety Management Training in Construction Industry5.
500684Management for Maritime Activity and Disaster Prevention (Hydrographic Survey B Course)6.9.0912.4.09Tokyo4.2.09
600630Maritime Safety Management for Engineering Instructors5.25.0912.5.09Hyogo4.3.09
700617International Terrorism Investigation6.
800655Enhanced Mechatronics Technology for VET Instructors6.14.0812.5.08Yokohama4.5.09
900807Government Audit Practices for ASOSAI (Asean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions)
1000622Local Governance and Policy Making6.
1100651Employment Promotion and Realization of Recent Work of Persons with Disabilities6.
1200690Wildlife Issue Solutions for Biodiversity Conservation6.
1300714Vocational Training Instructors (step up the technical basis for south-south cooperation and spreading know-how through domestic training center)
1400685Stock Management and Enhancement in the Sea6.29.0910.25.09Shikoku5.4.09
1500652Drug Abuse and Narcotics Control7.
1600921Seismology, Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Policy9.
1704199Tsunami Disaster Mitigation9.
1800787Rescue Techniques7.20.0910.18.09Osaka5.29.09
1900875International Maritime Conventions and Ship Safety Inspection8.11.0911.20.09Yokohama6.4.09
2004118Reinforcement of Maritime Safety Capability for Coast Guard Officers in ASEAN Region8.
2100825Satellite Remote Sensing Data Analysis Technology for Disaster/Environmental Monitoring8.
2200934Plant Variety Protection8.23.0910.31.09Tsukuba6.20.09
2300609Technical Support for SME Promotion toward the Construction of Sustainable Society (Biotechnology/Plastic Technology)8.31.0912.12.09Osaka6.23.09
2400829Reinforcement of Meteorological Services9.15.0912.15.09Tokyo6.25.09
2500816Food Safety Policy Making and Management8.
2604151Dissemination and Establishment of Disaster Prevention Culture for Asian Countries8.23.0910.3.09Hyogo6.26.09
2704088JICA Disaster Network for Asia10.6.0910.16.09Osaka6.27.09
2800755Control of Drug Offences9.23.0910.10.09Tokyo7.13.09
2900881Environmental Education for Sustainable Development -Conservation of Coastal Ecosystems for Lives of Local Communities9.23.0911.7.09Okinawa7.20.09
3000843Sewage Works Engineering and Stormwater Drainage Technology9.23.0912.19.09Tokyo7.24.09
3100741Leadership Program for Information Systems Promotion10.5.0911.28.09Osaka7.28.09
3204229Development and Promotion of Regional Industries Utilizing Local Resources for Asia8.
3304105Forest Management Policy in Asia- Sustainable Forest Management with Collaboration with Local Government and Community10.12.0910.28.09Nagoya8.28.09
3404052Maritime Law Enforcement 10.18.0911.14.09Kyushu8.11.09
3500962Knowledge and Management Ability for the International Welding Qualification9.
3604204Environmental -Friendly Technologies Development for Building and Housing10.4.0911.27.09Tsukuba8.17.09
3700880Marine Search and Rescue and Disaster Prevention Course for Policy Planners8.17.0911.14.09Hyogo8.26.09
3804171Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands in Asia and Africa11.3.0912.18.09Yokohama8.7.09
3904203Enhancement of Occupational Safety and Health Management11.9.0912.18.09Kyushu9.4.09
40004117Practical Approach for International Trade in APEC Economies11.15.0911.28.09Tokyo9.7.09
4104140Knowledge-Based Management11.20.0912.1.09Tokyo9.11.09
4204172Hazardous Waste Management and Appropriate Disposal for Asia11.17.0912.19.09Yokohama9.11.09
4304125Bond Market Development in ASEAN Countries11.23.0912.16.09Tokyo9.18.09
4400945Marine Environment Protection for Senior Officials in the Maritime Authorities and Law Enforcement Authorities1.
4500948Waste Management in 3R Policies3.
4600712Training Management in Vocational Training Institutions1.
4700713Human Resource Development Administration1.
4800874Shipping Administration2.
4900804Disaster Risk Management Technology on Volcanic Eruption, Debris Flow and Landslide3.
5000794Pharmaceutical Affairs Experts11.
5104147Port Facility Security11.29.0912.19.09Yokohama9.22.09
5204249Management of Small and Medium Enterprises for Asia and Pacific11.22.0912.19.09Osaka9.18.09
5304231Development and Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises for Asia: Case Study of Space Technology Development by Cooperation of SMEs in Osaka1.
5400959Global Seismological Observation1.
5500961Facility Maintenance Management Focused on Non-Destructive Inspection for Life Line Structure2.
5691001Biomass Utilization System1.
5704239Development and Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises in Information and Communication Technology for Asia2.


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