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April 2, 2020

Follow-up of KCCP: Implementation of Step-Down Training for 3R by Ex-KCCP Participants of Nigeria

After arriving from Japan in November, an ex-KCCP participant Ms. Adiza Ujo, conducted a step-down training/knowledge sharing of what she learned in Japan with 15 participants in March in a 2-day event. The training was held with support from her NGO, Stewards for the Environment and Sustainable Change Initiative, HipCity Innovation Hub and JICA. The participant attended the KCCP titled the Enhancement of Solid Waste Management Capacity (Advance Planning and Policy).

Ms. Ujo, through her NGO, provided the 2 day seminar sharing knowledge on different topics such as environmental education in Japan, solid waste management experience in Japan, 3R, waste disposal, waste reduction, etc. Principles such as Mottainai and Zero Waste communities were introduced as well. Through the program, participants learnt Japanese communities like Kamakatzu have achieved 80% zero waste.

Participants who attended the training were from area councils of the Federal Capital Territory, private sector, NGO, and the media.

At the end of the two day, each participant was tasked to draft an action plan of what they intend to do with the new knowledge they have acquired. One mentioned they will start a program of recycling that will sponsor the education of kids. Another mentioned sensitization of waste management in schools. Another mentioned working with chiefs and heads of communities as the key players in echoing goals of waste management.

Participants provided feedback on the training and many mentioned how impactful the training was. For some, viewing the videos of the situation of waste management in Japan in the 1950s and that of today, their hopes of achieving sustainable solid waste management in Nigeria is achievable.

The Chief Representative of JICA Nigeria presented certificates of participation to the participants at the end.




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